Monday, September 19, 2005

I went and bought a juicy bag, not "juicy" because I am far not that fashionable, but walked into the cult of Mormon organizing and bought a pink bag that will hold my life minus all the junk that they tried to sell me in the first place. But should I decide to buy something NOT on sale I get a discount due to the company I work for has an account. Which is kinda cool, but I can't play the everything in my life has to go on a peice of paper kind of thing. I barely use my palm pilot and if I do its to play bejeweled in meetings.

I have gotten through the tapes that I need to. Now I just have to watch the movies that I want to watch and dump the video tapes once that is accomplished. This wasn't as difficult an undertaking as I really thought. I just bagged the tapes up and they are out of my life. I have cable, there will be plenty of opportunity to see anything that I may not have put aside should I remember that I even had it at one point. All I know is I am thrilled to have space to put things away now. The next thing on my agenda is to start burning my cds to my hard drive and put the cds in storage and that is out of the way too. Funny how nearly 15 years of video taping and amassing a collection can fit into 3 grocery bags and then out the door.

Went to the new Whole Foods tonite. Wowza. It is lovely. But still nothing more to me than a gourmet food market. I bought milk and some white peaches but stayed away from all the sampling business... where have all these people's hands been? Gross. I did get my halavah I so wistfully was thinking about a couple of days ago this afternoon. Phew. So I have something to snack on. And it wasn't cheap let me tell you. But while I was waiting for all the rabbai's to get their stuff, which meant even though I was there first, being a woman, they are more important (in their opinion, plus since they are the bread and butter of the store really... who am I to kvetch...?) I got to see that there is such a thing as parve not just parve.. but dairy free and not just those but kosher parve and then it is schmoozed up by Jackie Mason? Oy veh. This just made me seriously laugh outloud. I wonder if it is any good. We will have to try it since it will make a nice treat for Grandpa after steak night maybe! I didn't see any Funnoli though and how good do they kind of look?

Time to clean to CSI Miami, which is my Monday routine, then watch Arrested Development which I have taped. Woo hoo! Welcome back my little friend, welcome back. Now how about Season Two on DVD? Huh?

And cable tv is officially the devil... I am very much considering adding Trio to my line up. It is only five bucks a month and I get like four other channels that I may actually want to watch, Ovation being one of them. I am pondering. I am just really unsure about getting into TWO more channels. But maybe it won't be such a problem. What the heck... if I decide I don't want to keep the channels it only takes one phone call to take the channels off. I am going to totally call tommorrow. Wee!

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