Sunday, October 16, 2005

I had this very strange dream last night/this morning. Let me first say, I am not looking for any explaination for it, it just was odd.

I am in a car, as a passenger, with a couple of gals that I am not really friends with but I have been in my past. They are in the front of the car and I am in the back seat, listening to their conversation about snow and looking out the windows. We are driving along a semi-coastal highway of sorts and then we are near a hilly region. I put on mittens that I have been knitting to try them on. We arrive at our destination, a community that is in a valley with a lake. We walk for a while to a lake house and decide to go and sit on the coast of the lake. Some guys walk by and they are carrying tall white coffee cups with black and white photographs printed on them. They keep walking. The two girls decide to go inside and I stay on the shore, which is rocky, not sandy. I take out a book, I don't read it, I just take it out. Then over some loud speakers I hear an advertisment for a gallery exhibition of the photographs on the coffee cups. I get up and then go inside but not the same place the girls are that I have arrived with. I go to like a "surf shack" but not really, they are selling items of this photography show. The pictures are of rock stars. Some are really good and some are really bad and really just off and out of focus. The guy behind the counter tells me that the out of focus ones are collectors items. I buy a cup of coffee and get a cup. I go back out to the shoreline/lakeside and see that on the other side there is a large pile of snow. One of the girls I have arrived with tells me it is time to go and to pack up all my things. I have piles and piles and piles of things surrounding me all of a sudden and I can't pack it up quickly enough and I don't have enough bags and the things just keep piling up.

Then I woke up.

All I know is that I really liked the pictures on the paper coffee cup. One day I want to open a coffee show and put pictures my friends have taken on the cups now. It was a brilliant idea. No one better steal the idea from me either. Ok go ahead and use it if you want to just make sure to ask me for one of my pictures. I will use the yawning clown probably.

Anyways. Apparantly Arrested Development Season Two is a big seller. I couldn't find it anyplace this weekend. It was really annoying. I will try the Virgin Megastore tommorrow on my lunch break when I am walking back from the post office.

Watching Rome. On Demand is really neat. I missed an episode I think, I am taping all the shows for my brother so I am going back and retaping them, this time watching. I wish Network would do that. One day they will.

Tommorrow is going to be a great work day, I have a fresh bag of Trader Joes Honey Sesame Almonds (thanks Bro!!!) to snack on and I am pysched.

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