Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Its Grrrrrrrreat

Nothing like seeing Tony The Tiger shilling for Quiznos (or the bodega) on Broadway yesterday to make absolutely sure that I have a fantastic day. It was really funny because at one point all I could think about was that I have in every job up until this one...had to dress up in a costume like that. I am grateful for alot of things and not having to do that anymore really takes the sting out of working where I do.

Came home from Red Coral with dinner with my Mom and holy crap am I thirsty. It was so yummy and I am really really full, but I am ready to go and sit next to the sink in the kitchen with the tap wide open, forgoing filtering the water even. I will be tasting Kung Pao Beef for the next couple hours. It was yumtastic.

Saw some interesting things go down today via email. Can't say I am all that surprised but very very happy that one thing in my life is now completely over. Sure I am being very vauge but that is what having people involved that read this entails. If you want to know... you can call. But the shade is now... over....

Got invited to Fright Fest at Elitches. Now seriously, if this was at the original Elitches I would be down for that, but if it was still there it would be long closed for the season. Labor Day was it for them back in the day. Now I am surprised Six Flags doesn't run a Santa Special on the Coasters. Colorado Weather actually could handle it if they did it. But that would mean employing kids all year and that is expensive. Oh I long for the good ole days of the Gold Rush ride, the Haunted House and waiting in line for the Wild Cat. The old Elitches just was so much cooler than the new one.

Ok I have only been there (to the new one) once on opening day, which due to the people that I was with and other things was funnest ever, so hard to compare. I should go for Fright Fest. It could really be fun.

Ok off to finish taping Rome for the Bro and catch up on some network taped mishegas as I can't get too far behind or I am in big trouble. I have weeded out two shows from the new Fall line up all ready so that is an hour I don't have to worry about, but when baseball is over it means Arrested Development and House are back on the schedule and curses I am in big trouble. Posted by Picasa

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