Friday, October 28, 2005

I wouldn't say I have been missing work

I really neeeed Office Space on dvd... I have it on tape somewhere...I should find it

I am actually really needing to get this dvd I think. Not this particular edition, I mean not so much. The extras on the special edition don't really mean all that much so I can probably actually wait until next week when the not so special edition is all knocked down to like 10 bucks. And what would totally be rad if the flair actually included a stapler, instead of oh ma gawwwwwww!!!! It really does. Someone in that marketing department of 20th Century Fox is getting a huge wet love letter from me.

The day has been sucked into me watching I love the 80s ( 3-d) and baking cupcakes. What a complete perceived (to some) waste of the day. Ok I sent my resume out and told an agency that I won't get out of bed for less than 19 bucks an hour (I bet Linda Evangalista will say the same thing now!) and honestly she said "ok" let me see what I can do. Fantastic.

Michael Ian Black did something so funny I almost peed my pants this afternoon regarding Mad Balls. Sweet jeabus that was absolutely the funniest thing I have ever seen. And I learned that Oingo Boingo wasn't the only interesting cultural reference used in Back to School... Oh no... that would be Kurt Vonnegut actually showing up. I wonder if the dybbyk knows that? And hee on finding his Slaughterhouse Five autographed edition in storage. I should mail that back to him, he loved that book. Oh good gawd. I feel like frikken Earl. That would mean googling him and the only ex I am googling is YOU F baby... just you! Bring back your blog peanut, I will write you dirty little love notes too, Hank got one and you want to channel his ghost so I say... bring back the blog and I will send you the canned note I got back...howboutit?

And how come David Gahan doesn't age? What is that? I don't want what he is drinking. No thanks.

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