Friday, September 09, 2005

another one down the hatch

Went to Brew at the Zoo tonite. The music was totally "bad bar mitzvah" and some brewery guy scremed "hey Ms. Dill" at me, and when I turned around he smiled at me and asked me if I was his 6th Grade teacher... honestly if I didn't have two really good beers in me by that point I would have been really pissed. Then he says "well Ms. Dill was really hot". Um how OLD ARE YOU? It was funny as hell. I have witnesses. One of the guys that I was with said, "that is the worst pick up line EVER". Which is true. For those single on the make guys... NOT I repeat NOT a nice way to try and pick up chicks.

I came home to change shoes (seriously need to wear something a little lower) and I am out-ta here.

I just had to comment on the stupid dude.

I didn't have my camera with me tonite (which is so odd) and missed some classic stuff. The guy who came with his very own beer cozy. The society woman wearing all animal print (and shouldn't have been). The "I am not gay" but love your shirt dude. The drunk guy barking at the lions at Predator Ridge. The co-worker who pretty much ignored me (which is kinda funny, because I made damn sure I said hello). The really great sculpture (seriously this picture doesn't do it justice... even in the dark it is really great). The dj. The people dancing to the bad dj. Some really drunk girl with the bad dye job. The Durango beer people's Logo (Ska PinStripe Ale and how really cool they were and the people dancing for a tshirt (and ps... I will be going and getting some tommorrow to stock the fridge it was that nice, and I don't stock the fridge with beer). Aaron and his friend who thought I was a local tv weather girl celebrity (her skirt was fantastic, and Aaron's Mom kinda strange but cool. Honestly couldn't have been funner. (*edited to add: for my own memory clutching moment... I also tried Salvation which was actually very good, but verrrrry potent and one beer put me over the preverbial edge...the guy said... be careful it's 9% alcohol... It may or may not but it was tasty none the less). I also had a stout from Breckenridge Brewery and almost asked the guy pouring if that dude Steve from Boston still worked there, even though it was eons ago when he did. Hey I had a little crush... I will admit it. He was MOT and that worked in his favor, he also really liked Morphine (being from Boston and all) and was actually hip-ish at the time. But never happened. I think every time I ran into him that summer I was with the BF at the time and that wasn't cool to be crushing another guy.** end edit).

Ok my toesies are not screaming out "you bitch" to me and I am on my way.

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