Monday, August 29, 2005

The poor clown...she is so of the tired.

I am tired too.

Hard to believe that its merely Monday and already I am wanting it to be friday so I can sleep in all over again like I have all weekend. I am generally uncomunicative right now as I just have so much going on that I neither want to actually talk about it or in some cases actually deal with it. I had a nice conversation with my cousin last night and some things never change. But, that being said I dig the hell out of my cousin. Nicest person on the planet. Nice. Est.

I was in work mode until 7:15, it actually was pretty fun. I remember the days of being "on" all the time, never knowing when I would get a call about having to go and do "this" or watch "that". This one time, not a big deal. Actually kind of fun to be honest. I got a thank you and that was soooo worth it. Belive me. Sometimes that is all it takes.

I gave out my wrong cell phone number today. I should call the number that I gave out and apologize. I really didn't mean to, but it is actually ok that I did. It puts the ball in my court which is great. People are already asking me about my plans for the weekend. Wow... um sleep, read and take some pictures probably. Maybe have a cocktail or make one, I don' t know. All I know is that is will not involve camping or any thing remotely in the neighborhood of needing sunblock, although... come to think about it, the pool is going to close so I should go over and take advantage of having my key at least ONCE this summer. So maybe sunblock will be in order.  Posted by Picasa


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