Thursday, August 25, 2005

and not just because I love Television Without Pity, (because, well, I do, since the MightyBig TV days even... I bought a messanger bag with the logo on it even)...

but I am linking to Kim's Wrap up of ER, Episode 19 season whatever that just aired on tv tonite. I was on the phone with Mom and she was saying how hard this was to watch because the character Rubido was getting a pace maker and couldn't communicate and how it made her sad and think of Grandma. I said when the episode first aired I had to turn it off because it scared me, even then. Well... what I missed was this last two minutes of the show. I have to wonder, had I heard this speech written by some Hollywood writer upstart someone, would we have thought differently, would we have maybe done things differently? Its really hard to say, I mean honestly one can't "shoulda coulda woulda" but man... this does stick in my craw a little bit. And makes me really really sad that my Grandmother's Cariologist and Surgeon didn't have the rachmunous to say something like:

"After a moment, he pulls over a stool and says, "What you have wrong with you, aortic stenosis, can often be corrected with surgery, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing for you. You're eighty-five years old, you have chronic respiratory problems. The chances of you coming through the surgery and getting back to the shape that you're in right now? Pretty slim. If you go ahead with it, there is a good chance that you will never leave this hospital again. You'll be connected to a ventilator, and you will live out the remainder of your life in this hospital. Now, without the surgery, it's true you're not going to get any better. But I believe that you will leave this hospital under your own power, and you will have more time with the people that you love. You will have more time being the person that you are today." Ruby stares at Carter, who concludes, "And yes, ten years ago I lied to you about your wife. But I am not lying to you right now." Ruby stares at Carter hard, and Carter meets his gaze. "

Again... thanks Kim at Television Without Pity, I knew just where to go to get the speech.

My frown just turned upside down. And sorry Julie I deleated but now you totally know where to land.