Saturday, August 27, 2005

The cloud cover has rolled in and I ate Robitussun (tm) tasting cereal

I have been cleaning in a major way the last couple of weekends. I have ALOT of things that honestly I neither need nor understand completely why I have them. See, I am a collector. A collector of things, memories, scraps of paper, clippings from magazines, old useless cds, plates, coffee mugs, little teenie tiny bud vases, pens, pez, candy, jars, placemats, sheets, envelopes, erasers shaped like fruit, snowglobes, video tapes... you name it, I probably have at least three of them crammed in my house. So. Because I really don't need most of what I have, I am getting rid of it. Most of it is completely useless junk. Into the trash it goes. I joke that I am a compulsive collector and thrower awayer. Not really much of a joke.

So instead of going to the farmer's markets this morning and buying food that I will just have go "bad" in my fridge, I have started the clean out of my pantry. I found tea from like 4 years ago that I bought from Steep. I liked supporting the "little tea guy" and the tea was pretty good, but seriously, I have one question... did I really need to buy 100 bags of melon tea? Nope. So. Out it goes. I loved the idea of little tea satchels and little boxes that you opened as part of the ceremony of making their tea, but still deep in my heart, I am sooooo deeply the coffee girl, I have to let the tea go. I found a box of cherry pecan cereal I bought on a whim at Target probably over a month ago. Its terrible. Really really bad. The cranberry almond version kicks so much ass, but this seriously is like eating oats doused in cough syrup. Poof gone to the trash. It made for a VERY disappointing breakfast. I actually threw the bowl of cereal and milk in the garbage disposal and did a happy little "you are so gross" dance in my kitchen. I moved on to Oat Nut bread toasted with a schmear of peanut butter and plum preserves. Heaven on a plate.

I found that I have way too many plastic containers. Lots of them. So I am keeping three of each size and the rest are going. I don't really need 20 1 ounce containers. Ok 20 is a stretch, but I did stop counting at 10. Its semi disposable, but recycleable so I will jumble them in a bag seperately and take them in. No need to completely trash the environment.

I have a lot more work to do. And honestly as long as I don't spend too much time in Target I won't compulsively buy too much. Maintain the list... do not stray from the list... love the list. Which includes for this evening, toliet paper, paper towels, memory foam mattress thingie (it is 40 bucks less than at Costco), and swiffer refils. Love the list. Live the list. Be the list.

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