Saturday, August 13, 2016

Things I have started in the time since I have last posted

  • writing with my fountain pens again
  • buying fountain pens again (ok I custom ordered a ranga bamboo pen - mine is clear acrylic- last month for my birthday and received it last week and I am desperately trying to find the right paper to use because baby it writes wet... but it is amazing and I am thrilled to have bought it, on a lark for sure... but love it none-the-less).  
  • I have also subscribed to the monthly mystery box shipment.  It's been fun.  I will probably do 1/2  year and then reassess. Two shipments in and I am enjoying it. 
  • Made lavender honey lemon soap with lavender from the front garden on Friday... need to finish packaging and then I will give out... I have enough base to make 5 more bars and will probably do that tomorrow 
  • continued with the miscellaneous bullet journaling lite stuff. It feeds my list making tendancies for sure but I have a normal planner / calendar that I just can't give up daily use of so I am hanging to two things I write in ... that may not be the most functional but for me right now it is kinda working... I do not suggest it.
  • planning out an epic card making session next weekend.  Working on ideas for what I want to make, it's hard choosing where to even think about starting project wise... blerg.  
  • I have organized and cleaned by upstairs office multiple times. Once so that I could stamp all the sets that I have out in a book that I made for that purpose, so I would be able at a glance to see what I have... best thing I could have ever done... time saver for sure.
  • Ate sopapillas with my neice again, the first time was at Casa Bonita a couple years ago, she was too young to appreciate it, this time was at Little Anitas, she liked them a little bit more this time.
  • came up with a rather aggressive personal reading list for my punk rock book club... we are not meeting really even to talk about the books which is pretty punk rock.  
  • ordered the president pez... another birthday present... they have been VERY slow to arrive... maybe today... I don't know why I really care all that much since they will live in a closet
  • Added some books to my library wish list and realized that I have my library card number memorized... 
so speaking of reading... it's 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon... it's not mind numbingly hot out, the awning is down on the porch... going to get to reading...

PS working on Jenny Lawson's two books:  Almost done with Furiously Happy  (loaned it to Fez so he could see why I was laughing so much in bed) and starting and about midway through Let's Pretend This Never Happened (Fez will just have to wait on that one), my guide to you is:   If you love a laugh about one person's observances mostly about themselves and in the funniest and poignant way... these are your books.  OH and Furiously Happy was our inaugural Punk Rock Book Club choice (the book had gone on sale on Amazon and I couldn't help myself.... then suggested it to others... as you do). 

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