Monday, July 18, 2016

Lazy Crafternoon review (new book coming out in August 2016)

Lazy CrafternoonLazy Crafternoon by Stella Fields
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I recently decided that I would try my hand a traditional crafting. I have added about 350 projects to try on my Pinterest board. I joke often that while I have so many projects I will maybe do two. Then this crafting book came along to review and I thought... uh... geared to Young Adults? This lady who is kind of a newb on the craft scene could learn a thing or two I am sure.

I enjoyed this craft instruction book... clever pictures and simple instructions for projects that are really honestly "doable". Many of the crafts featured I actually have similar ideas bookmarked in a file to try! The simple instructions may be written for young adults but these easily could be adapted for adults to do as well. Simple easy and affordable. I look forward to trying one or two myself!

Definitely geared to the young adult market but simple projects are the best to start with. I was surprised how many projects featured used decoupage techniques! Definitely one that I wanted to try and with the simple instructions provided I might actually decoupage that planter one day. The author features a DIY design mug that I have seen everywhere of late. Very current projects using very modern and current supplies which is refreshing.

There are several sections and projects broken out by the type of project and at the end there are some party ideas too.

Would make a great gift for a tween sleepover... make a project and then pick one for the next party.

Really a delightful book. Thanks NetGalley for the preview!

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