Sunday, April 03, 2016

Sitting here at the kitchen counter designing cards

I have a birthday card to make for a party tonite and then I am going to begin designing the party pack for the giveaway... you know the giveaway?  Sign up by emailing me directly or commenting... Here are some details (scroll to the bottom)10 cards, some stamps, pens and all round awesome packet of handwritten by you mail joy.... 

BUT I can't get into the bed room to go and get my tennies because F is taking a nap... I have two errands to run and blergh I can not shame myself by going to the grocery store and paper store in house slippers.  Ok they are kinda bad ass leopard print sparklie ones but still....just can't. I am not that kinda girl. 

So I have to wait until F wakes up and then I can go and get my shoes... I will put a pair in the upstairs closet so that in times like this... I am able to jet.  It's like that hidden set of car keys some ladies have... I think mine will be my extra pair of tennies.

A couple of asides with pictures .... 

Last night I was fortunate and lucky enough to go and see Iggy Pop.  Yep.  So lucky.  The man is my spirit animal in some ways... like don't give a fuck but be gracious and kind as hell when people are nice... yep that kind of spirit animal.  
I was going to try and bring in a better camera but a friend who works at the venue said no cameras and no way I will get it through the bag check... so iPhoto is the best I am going to get.  I actually only took about four photos.... this is my favorite of those I took... get over it's blurriness... anyone who was there will have about the same....

OH! And major major shout out to Ann... this lady in her benevolence saved me.  I didn't bring in earplugs which if you know me is like me not having coffee in my car... and was on my way to the bathroom to get paper towel and she hooked me up with 32db earplugs.  I will forever be in her debt because as I noted on my cell phone... "holy crap this is so heavy I can feel it in my eyeballs".

And yes for what its worth... it's a selfie... and yes... seriously I was that excited

Last weekend we microwaved Peeps.  F really wanted them to explode.  I was really really sorry that they didn't for him. They smelled like roasted marshmallows for a second and got rock hard pretty quickly.  I would imagine microwaving them for about 20 seconds would make a wicked tasty s'more.  We were going for explosion not edibility here. 

I planned a party at Top Golf and out of the gate was able to hit one of those little balls... about 85 feet.  Did it a couple of times then I had a glass of wine and couldn't do anything.... this is me golfing... note it will probably never happen again.

Every something or another anniversary we go to dinner at Gaetanos.  It's kind of a tradition... another tradition is to sit at the table and take pictures of the vinegar and oil for the bread usually while we wait for our entree.  One year it was an elephant... one year it looked like a fallen tree branch....this year... Pi.  

And yes we do this everywhere that has a little plate for vinegar and oil without herbs... we are inspired of course by:  Tom Waits Oil Stain photos. I mean honestly what is better than that for inspiration right?

I may have to put on a weird pair of socks and weird skirt and put on my docs and leave the house... I feel like it's about despiration time and I can't make myself go and go to the closet. 

There is a laundry basket with clean clothes but I am not sure if I can fashion an outfit or not.... the only pair of shoes I have up here are hot pink wellies and my docs.  Let me see what I can make happen here... 

Have a great rest of your weekend! 

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