Friday, April 01, 2016

Inspired to get organized and a giveaway..... the first of it's kind here...

I wasn't going to take the day off from work today.  I didn't want to but then I talked myself into it and magically delicious things happened.  It was like I played an April Fools Joke on myself because it was awesome. And the joke is I don't feel one bit guilty.  

Woke up a little later than normal.  Hit what I thought was the snooze button but it really was the off button.  It was ok because I think I was having this awesome dream but I can't remember what it was now.  I was gently awoken the second time probably about an hour later by F getting ready to take the pupster for a walk.  Feeling really super guilty (and surprisingly not hungover... since I imbibed big time for me last night) I got up and we went for a walk.  

A nice chilly morning taking the pup for a walk.  Pretty amazing right? Yep.  

I decided that when we got back I was going to plan out the day so that I could get my work work done and then maybe stop early.  Then I thought... you know what? I am calling in and taking a day.  I haven't done that in about two years.... and I have a boatload of paid time off... I am going to take the day.  Of course I have checked emails because that is something (crazy) dedicated employees do... but nothing major has come into play today so I am thrilled.

I realized that I want to get my craft room (who am I?) together a little bit more and want to get a real dedicated space for my equipment.  I started looking at IKEA and found a table... told F that I was going to head over there and wouldn't you know... he volunteered to go with me.  Again... the man is a saint.

Ended up actually getting a metal and glass shelving unit.  The Vittsjo was JUST what the doctor ordered.  I don't really sit much when I work (at all or at the j.o.b.) so this was the perfect height, width is a little small, but workable (and truly if I need more space our counter in the kitchen is HUGE) and best of all we have the matching laptop desk downstairs that we have our turntable on.  So it's not like we won't match.  

Well when we were at the warehouse side of the store I decided that I wanted to use the laptop desk for my Sillouette Cameo because it will fit and I can hook it up to my laptop easily on it and it won't be sitting in a drawer in F's office away from where I really need it.  Mostly ... it will be available and I will use it.

So we got two of the shelving units (one for my crafting and the other to put the turntable on - bringing the desk upstairs).  It's so magical.  I got both the shelving units put together in about an hour and a half (the first hour was fixing the errors I made in putting the first one together...sometimes those drawings are not simple) but it looks awesome up there.... man I am thrilled.

April is National Card and Letter writing month... here are some fun activities that encourage us all to put down the devices and pick a pen or paper.... 

And because I believe in this... I honestly really don't need a national "month" to have any reason to or excuse to send out correspondence... I love making cards and sometimes have so many I don't know what to do with them...

So... here is the deal.. first "contest" ever on this here bloggie....

I know its a total longshot that I will get responses but what the heck, in the true fashion of what this is about...

This weekend I am going to make 10 cards for 1 lucky winner.  I will also include a gel pen (brand new...promise) and a stamp (or four) with an colorful ink pad (again... brand new ... promise).   I will have this open for a week. So I will pick randomly from all responses next Friday April 8th 2016 at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time... and then I will ship on Saturday so you will only really be like oh say... a week-ish behind, but you will have a packet of magic to get you started.

Just make sure when you reply... that you either sign into blogger with your comment you are entering... or send a message privately with your email address (I kinda hate having to leave my email address in a comment and I get why you may want to as well).  If you want to email directly... just put in your subject line... "Cards are Awesome".... and email me directly... my email can be found on the sidebar below the Pinterest feed of some of the cards that I have made.

Finishing up ... going to hit the laundry, plan out some designs and clean the house... I figure I should at least be somewhat productive this afternoon for the next couple hours!

Happy weekend!

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