Tuesday, April 23, 2013

RIP Google Reader

We have been through alot haven't we Google Reader?  We have saved recipes, we have looked at videos, we have followed bloggers who do nothing but write snarkie articles about tv shows we don't really want to watch but are sucked into nonetheless, we have read concert reviews, we have gotten mp3s, we have found fonts, we have looked at great design, we have looked at bad design... we have done it all together since 2007.

But our time has sadly started to come to an end.

You are breaking up with me.  I understand. Sometimes we grow apart.  Sometimes your interests aren't the same as mine.  I get it.  I really do.

So tonite (and the last say four nights or so) I have gone through the saved / starred items that I saved from 2007 until a few weeks ago when I got your "I don't want to have to but we can't spend our days together after May (or when ever it is) pop up.  I went through all those 1000s of saved links/articles/posts and I can actually say... I am ok.

I will miss you Google Reader.  Alot.  You were simple. You were steady. There was absolutely NO drama with you.  You were great.  I get it.  We all have to move on.  

I am currently trying out Feedly.  They promise a safe landing spot when your final break up happens.  I hope so.  It's ok.  It's pretty... It's flashy and there are choices for layout... fancy.  I will learn to appreciate all it brings to the table. But know dear Google Reader... you made me very happy and smarter.  So thanks for all you did.  

There are about 40 saved / starred items that I have to archive (look for that post perhaps tomorrow....maybe) in another way.  Thanks for it all... I know I am not the only one that will be missing your clean interface and all that jazz....sometimes a girl doesn't really need all the bells and whistles.

And to the Google Reader folks... seriously thanks for it all.  It was a great product and really something I found extremely beneficial on a day to day basis. The back end search was phenomenal.... searching the saved items with one word was amazing.  Maybe you could pass that code to the folks that are developing the alternatives???? Just a suggestion.  Thanks again and this user will miss you something fierce.

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