Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I have big stuff happening in my world.  Some amazingly fantastic and some amazingly sucky.

So lets get the crap stuff over quickly shall we?

Here's the deal.  I used to do this thing... I left doing that thing to do another thing that I am growing very much to love.  The old thing is rearing it's ugly head for really dumb reasons and the head thing tried to intimidate and bully me last week.  The people at my new thing are surrounding me with all this support it's overwhelming.  The head thing gave me fingerguns in the hallway yesterday... I mean seriously who does that after being so well.... much of a bully...? OOOOOOHHHHHH because head thing thinks that head things who are "cool" do that. Nope. It's douchey. Stop it.

SOOOO ... next couple of days... grinning and bearing it and then I can say adieau and farewell to that previous life.  I can honestly say that I have no desire to play in that sandbox anymore.  Man that only took five months. I thought it might take me longer.

Bully me and I will walk away and never want to help or be part of what you do. Ever.  Smart move fucktard.

OK so lets get to the good stuff now shall we?

Planning a lovely event for me and my love.  Yep...

Everything is set pretty much.  A couple of little details to work out but for the most part, me and my Mom knocked this planning thing out of the park in about two and half weeks.  Boom.  Just like that.

I have two things that I will need to work on with the event place for the reception but yep... details are easy to deal with because it's really seating arrangements and what kind of tables we want to set up.

But yep less than three weeks... not to brag but seriously... we rocked this shit.

I don't want to be a blogger that posts all about the details and who and what and you especially won't read anything about the where or when because publicly it isn't anyone's business.

But know these few crucial details about the last couple of days/weeks (ok and some random things that I want to make public) that I can't forgo mentioning though:

The staff at the Bluebird Theater were (and ARE) totally amazing.  You made me cry on Saturday and I am so glad that F and I re-met there because I can't imagine having a better place to be part of our collective memories!  PS I STILL owe you all pizza.... and maybe shots after the next show we are at.  Thank you for what you did for us... a million times...

My friend CC is a mad woman... and I love her for it.  When I emailed her about the engagement she immediately went into what I can only call.... Bad Mamma Jamma Mode.  I can not wait for her advice (see the information on the details above... she is my lynch pin for this whole thing because she is awesome, I just wish she wasn't in FLA.... damnit...)

My Mom is awesome.  My Dad is awesome.  Together they are more awesome than can ever be put into a blog post.  They are just ... well. Awesome.

I really miss Herschel.

I am annoyed that it's the middle of April and we are still getting major snowstorms here in Colorado.  Sure everything will be really green by the weekend and pretty but getting up 45 minutes early to scape the 1/4 of ice off my windshield this morning was not the best use of my time. I should have been sleeping.

I might shock some of you... but I found that I kinda think Depeche Mode is boring.  I have though decided that I can like Jack White now.

I hugged Jello Biafra once.

I got to see Repo Man in 35mm last weekend.

I got euro kissed by someone that is my idol. But I don't want to name said idol because I don't want to appear fan girl ever around said idol.  (each cheek get your minds out of the gutters people)

I have a tremendously unbelievable fiance' that doesn't think I am too weird now that everything we do makes me ugly cry because this whole thing is so amazing.  We are going to have the coolest life together.

I get to do a cake tasting.  NOW... get this... when I was in college I worked for a bakery and sold wedding cakes.  I know what I want. But seriously this is the only "bridey" thing I really want to do.  A cake tasting.  I have the cake design chosen and the bakery... but sweet baby all that is magic... I finally get to have a cake tasting and that is so thrilling for me.  It's the littlest things.

Ok for the really nice stuff -

I was proposed to spectacularly in front of the Bluebird with Chet Baker on the radio and in the background (totally unplanned but totally perfect).  I was totally surprised.  I was wearing a dress that I bought when F and I first started dating and that I wore when I cooked for him for the first time (chicken piccata by the way). We celebrated with french macaroons.   It was our fifth anniversary of re-meeting.  It was perfect and amazing and the details are all just ours.  F is my best friend and you can not even imagine how lucky I feel.

So hold on kids... the postings might be random and weird... but I will share a little but not alot... but I promise I will work to pour what I can into this thing.... It's going to be really odd for a bit.

OH and just so you fully understand how wakkadoo I am right now... for dinner I basically at lightly salted crispy onions that you put on salads and coffee.

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