Monday, January 07, 2013

Lessons learned from dining out over the weekend....a new restaurant for us.

Timing is everything, while that may be a ginourmous "no duh" kind of thing, normally we don't have any issues with waits or being on waitlists here.  We understand that there certainly are times and restaurants where it's understood that there will be a wait.  I am cool with that.

But an hour and a half at 8PM at a burger joint... I scoff.  I have been subjected to a an hour wait at The Highland Tap and Burger (I originally wanted to go because they have sweet potatoe waffle fries and it was something I was craving)  on a Friday night when the back room is booked with a private meet up party but Saturday night at 8PM with no special anything happening???? Is the Highlands getting too popular? Are my fellow employeed hipsters sloshing it away???? It was annoying to say the least. Because mostly that meant I was sweet potatoe wafflefrie less which is totally the sad maker.  

So we decided to try Uncle.  Now I have heard that the wait has been unbelievable since they opened and rumor has it on a Friday or Saturday night if you don't get there after the first turn... you might as well give up.  Hazuh... "they" were wrong! Wrong wrong wrong... we got two seats at the counter and it was awesome.  While the couple next to us were not too interested in talking to me... I politely asked what kind of sake they had ordered because seriously I could smell it and it smelled good... the girl continued to take pictures with her instagram and actually ignored me.... see? Hipsters. 

I tried to post to Forkly... but my phone was acting up so sadly I wasn't able to post what i had... but I will tell you... it was delicious.  So that made me an old lady trying to get her smart phone to work unsuccesfully.  

Note that I ordered completely wrong... I ordered based on the main protein without actually looking to the other ingredients in the dish.  I am actually a fairly picky eater so I don't know why, other then the fact our waitress was kind of pressuring us to order,  I picked what I picked other than the main protien.  Which was sirloin.  BUT ... and I am going to say this honestly... it was really tasty.   I ordered the BIBIMBAP – rice, garlic chuck flap, trumpet mushrooms, spicy cucumbers, egg.  I didn't notice that the entree came on rice, not noodles... not a deal breaker at all. And I totally ate around the poached egg.  I tried the best that I could to NOT split the yolk because runny yolk really really freaks me out but didn't work.  I dealt with it.  I mixed it into the rice and just pretended it wasn't there.  The egg also wasn't a deal breaker (no pun intended) just something I overlooked when ordering... my fault not theirs at all.  

Ever had chuck flap? Yeah I hadn't either but I know chuck is normally brutal and not exactly tender.  So I was interested to see what they would do.  Well..... they marinated the hell out of that chuck because it was tender and flavorful and amazing.  I would only wish that there were a few more chunks for the 15 dollars of the cost of the dish... less of the weird and somewhat slimey and vinegarie tasting mushrooms and a few more chunks of the meat.   The marinade on that chuck was undeniably delicious.  

F got the COLD SPICY SESAME NOODLES shredded chicken, gala apples, cashew, spinach,-  and he seemed to enjoy it.  When I tasted it it was no lie spicy and very peanutty.  The chicken was not as flavorful as the steak but they obviously didn't marianate it like they do the steak.  

We ordered the pork belly steamed buns (I could have four of these as an entree and be happy!)  and the Sugar snap peas.  Two sodas and the bill was about 50 bucks, which is pricey for noodle dishes but for good noodle dishes not bad.  Sitting at the counter though we got to chat with one of the sous' and that was fun.  Had we sat in the middle I think I would have had more fun because the middle chef was more chatty and the main gentleman cooking.  I would make sure to position myself at the counter there next time.  

So Highland Tap and Burger, I am sure we will try you and your wait list again sometime but we did just fine going next door to Uncle. Word is that Uncle strongly mimic's Momofuku in it's menu and stylings and if that is true I can see why it's so treasured here in Denver, it's really similar of course but I think the menu at Uncle is far more varied in the entries for sure.. But one can order Pho at any of 30 places here in Denver and the tastes can vary widely so viva la differance!  

So consider this my forkly post from the weekend with extra color commentary!

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