Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So where you been... whatcha been doin?

Welllllll.... If I said I was busy I would kinda be lying because really I have been busy actually doing nearly nothing. I haven't written, I haven't called, I haven't posted.  It's pretty bad.  And I apologize for that.  But on a ton of levels I have been completely miserable.  

I can't actually run a list of much that I have done outside cleaning... but that is only because that is what I did this morning after I walked into the closet and couldn't find a pair of shoes that I wanted to wear, so decided...yep probably a good time to put away the shoes.  Nothing really all that special...

I did go on a little roadtrip a few weekends ago.  We drove to Santa Fe on Saturday and came home Sunday night.  It was a long drive to go to a grocery store certainly but we did fill the freezer with Trader Joe's famous chicken enchiladas.  Additionally we did stop on the way home in Colorado Springs and saw Janes' Addiction for the second time in Colorado this year.  It was a fabulous weekend the whole way through.  

I am personally at this major impasse in my life.  Trying to move on and work through some major difficulties going on during my daytime existence.  I don't know what more I can do than what I am doing, trying to get out of a really bad situation.  I don't like where I am at all. I used to and that is what is 100% the most painful part to me.  But I have called Uncle on the situation and doing everything I can to move on.  But I don't feel like there is any traction. This is by far the most frustrated I have ever been career wise and that is not good for someone in my position (and age).  

I am truly hoping that the year 5773 (La'Shana Tova! to you by the way) will start something better and new for me because lord knows... I am ready.  I don't know what more I can do besides pray for something great to happen.  The Magic 8 ball isn't giving me the inspiration that I was hoping for.  It's giving me the positive messages but not the results and while I don't think of it as a toy, it's not giving me the security I want...ok it's a toy... or is it?

I have friends that are coming to town this weekend and am really excited to see them!  It might even involve a little club dancing... it's been far too long on that for me.  

Here are a couple of things that really bug me about this upcoming Halloween season: 1) Frankenweenie (redux).  Should have left that alone Tim Burton.  It was always meant to be a short with Vincent Price... shame on you for this. Shame.  2) No really exciting junk for the holiday at Target this year.  This is my second favorite retail holiday next to back to school and this year I have a huge sense of Meh.  3)We have our costumes ready to go... I wish I could have a party here... but I don't think I could handle that here... 

Onto better things:


Items bought

Movies and TV watched
  • The Voice - F loves it and it makes me cry which lately are two of the most important things going to rank a good tv show
  • The New Normal - Ellen Barkin's un-pc scripted dialogue just KILLS me... Shania as Little Edie that is quality television my friends... watch this show.... make it a hit ... splease.....   I misspelled it on purpose so you would understand that this show needs to be a hit... because yes Ryan Murphy.... this is funny shit. Oh and Nene Leeks as well Nene Leeks.... it has everything.  Plus lady pants.  
  • Boardwalk Empire - it's back... where is Paz de la Huerta when we need her... I am kinda at a yawn fest, yes I know we are one episode in but we need some more bad acting daddy.
  • Major Crimes - I really thought that once The Closer was over I would be done with it too, but I do really like these characters and the story writing is pretty impressive so it's full HD on Steevoh. 

Books read:
Things I have cooked
  • Cinnamon Bread - I halved the recipe for one loaf, these measurements make two loaves and I forgot the nut
IPhone & Ipad Apps Added
  • Swankolab
  • Kindle for the Ipad - I still love the holding of books, but I can get new releases from the library for 21 days and it's really a GREAT option

  • We went to two really amazing jazz shows over the weekend: Brian Blade's Mama Rosa (at our favorite place, Dazzle) and David Torn (at the Walnut Room) - the opposite end of the Jazz Musical spectrum and it was really awesome
  • Firewater is coming to Denver and I could not be more excited by the way... I am bummed it's at the Larimer Lounge because it's really difficult to shoot there with out a flash because of the house lighting but it might make me put the camera down and enjoy it for what it is.... amazingness happening infront of me.  
PS I totally have stolen this idea from the Pugly Pixel website and blog, whose design skills and tutorials are amazing!  I don't know where she finds her energy but obviously it's incredibly inspiring!

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