Thursday, May 17, 2012

bye bye zuckerberg... you're website was fun for the last couple of years...I hope you indeed are richer than Oprah tomorrow....

I killed my facebook today.  

Why? Because I am old enough to find better things to do. Because I am tired of the time suckage. Because seriously.... there ain't enough money in the world for me to provide content for them anymore gratis.  SOOOOOO.... I will be back on ye olde' fashioned Blogger platform.  Welcome to the new world baby.  

I am so infuriated by the fact that the big brokerage houses won't even let you in on the IPO at the opening bell if  you don't have a substantial balance with them.  My money is good.  My hard earned money is good.  I read that one brokerage house is requiring you to have half a million dollars invested or banked with them.  Seriously.  Bono is buying stock. It's stupid to me that the general user and consumer can't get "in".  Certainly its a money grab and I am not interested in proliferating content for them anymore. 

NOW.... that being said, I have a family member who works for Facebook. This family member probably stands to make phat dough and good for that family member, but I can't abide.  Good luck with your money tomorrow everyone... this girl is out.

Sure google owns Blogger now and here I am posting.  Sure google sells my information too... it's not that my provided content is aggregated and sold, I know it is and actually... fine... I recognize and understand that the internet is not at all private kids... please please please don't be fooled ... my point is that when Google IPO'd the general public could get in line and buy the stock out of the gate.  I know... because I was on the phone with the guy who handled my IRA at the time telling him how much I would pay and to get me x amount of stock based on what I could pay (which seriously might have bought say four shares... but still).... so what happened? 

Oh that morning I got fired.  I actually got called into my bosses office when I was on the phone with my broker putting in the order call. I actually said to my boss... "will this take long? I want to get back on the line really quick to order google" he said "no. but .... you should come into my office".  So I went and was fired.  So no google stock for me.  

Well not really fired, but my job was eliminated and I was let go. I was given a kick ass severance package (thank you RN for being a nice guy and knowing that I was honest and valuable) so really I was downsized.  By gones. 

Google didn't own Blogger when I began posting here.  Google bought them after.  They have AMAZING products available for the consumer of said products. They ultimately supply income for my brother... that I can live with.  They use their money and investments well.  They IPO'd and spent the money to better their product.  Not saying the facebook won't but out of the gate? Doubtful. Sure they "bought" instagram.  I don't use Instagram.  So not a big deal to me at all, more interesting because they are buying a service to provide them MORE content... for a BILLION fucking dollars.  They bought Instagram for an estimated BILLION... that is BILLION dollars. How many children would that feed, educate, clothe? How many people would that help with their mortgages that are in foreclosure? How could that money help our economy if it was put into the general consumers hands.  OK OK I hear what you are saying... the Instagram guys wrote the code, they put it out there for free, they deserve some serious bread.  OK fine... but a billion dollars?  That is seriously insane to me.    

I can't utilize a service that by buying a small start up for a billion dollars that says in their terms they own the right to share your photos without your consent is foul.  That means facebook can sell your pictures too. And they have (they relented after serious uproar but they have and probably will again).  

Sure I was an early adopter of THE Facebook.  How you ask?  Well.... see.... someone posted about it on Livejournal.  And I emailed for a non-university invite.  Remember Livejournal? Yeah.  I have a permanent account there too because I was one of the first 1000 adopters to that platform.  Never did understand the MySpace.  I don't think I ... no wait I did have a platform there, but I deleted it pretty quickly once I realized it made no sense, I wasn't in a band, didn't like sparklie emoticons, or I wasn't 12.   I have a Google+, early invitee there (thanks Bro!) and I am ready seriously for the next big idea.  Is it Pinterest? Probably not with the concept of image ownership and content copyright it will never be super personalized.  So what is it? I want in.  

I realized tonite after hitting delete (and then yes and then entering the code and hitting yes again...) that I seriously.... seriously... want my life back.  I don't need to stalk ex's anymore (seriously the first week I was on the facebook I looked up every "ex" friend and two ex boyfriends maniacally.... I will admit it) because I have the best man in my life now.  We aren't/weren't friends on the facebook.  We aren't / weren't even in a relationship on the facebook, but certainly are in real life. And that is where it counts. REAL.  

So... I got all this serious time back tonite.  I wasn't hitting refresh 20 times to see what someone posted.  I cleaned out my pantry.  I cleaned out two cabinets in my kitchen. I threw away four ... count em ... four bags of stuff.  Random miscellaneous stuff.  I had time. 

I have time to post here. How about that?  It's not even 10!  Hell it's not even 9:30!  Is this what time was like almost five years ago before Facebook took over our lives?  It is for me.  And it's fucking amazing.  

So no more facebook.  Hit delete on that.  Don't even miss it actually.  I will certainly miss some of the interaction and stuff with a core group of people, but they will have to call me, and you know what.... I will have to call them.  The communication will become personal. It's exciting.  The prospect of making plans personally is thrilling.  AND the only people that know about it are me and the person I am talking to. Not facebook.  I own the communication, not facebook.  I own my photos. Not facebook.  I don't need or want some website to dictate my communication with my loved ones.  I anticipate some serious pain points getting used to real live communication, but you know what? I am totally willing to work for it.

So thanks for the memories (sorry Bob Hope) Facebook.  It's been a great experiment for me, but I am glad to get my time back.

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