Monday, April 02, 2012

Seriously.... I missed HIM AGAIN.....

Blog | Mike Doughty:

Now. Here is the deal. Loved Soul Coughing.  Brilliant as they were.  Love Mike Doughty Brilliant As He IS.  BUT Soul Coughing's last show in Denver was cancelled because of inner strife and the fact that Morphine (who was playing with them) also suffered a great loss with the death of Mark Sandman in Italy. They were both playing at the Paramount, the show was cancelled obviously. And that was it.  The last time I had a ticket in hand to see Mike Doughty.  Well I still have the ticket actually buried someone in a box... but that isn't the point.

See I have adored Mike Doughty for his wit, his snark, his prolific blogging, his photos... all of it.  High or not... I really actually have enjoyed what he has to share.  But I am a giant failed fan because every single... and I mean EVERY single time he has come through Denver, Boulder... Colorado for that matter.... I find out about it... one day late.

NOW... this is what absolutely slays me. Sunday. Guess where F and I go? Boulder.  Yup. We go to Boulder.  We get breakfast up at Turleys... F gets is Swiss Granola Fro Yo with a swirl (a good old fashioned 950 IN IN IN... for those of you who remember those things) and I get some omellete with beans and cheese and green chilies (there was not such thing at the Harv back in the day... why don't they have beans and rice on the menu? That would make me happy...) and we go up to the Pearl Street Mall. Walk around.  See the Jamaican guy get into the box. Go to a couple of cookery stores.  Think about what to do next.  Neither of us look at our phones to see what ELSE might be happening in town, nope.  We do though go to Absolute Vinyl outside of campusy area and get some record treasures... so that was totally awesome, but we dont actually see what or who might be playing in town.  Learned a lesson. We don't go over to the Hill. Why should we? We never go over to the Hill.  We don't even drive through campus to even be near the Hill.  Had we... perhaps we would have actually seen that Mike Doughty was in town. Again. Lesson learned.

Missed opportunity similar to the other say 20 missed opportunities from when Mike Doughty has been in Denver.  And I feel again... slightly shamed. I should be a better fan girl.  But nope.

It will not happen again.  If my word is my promise... it won't happen again Mike Doughty. You will see us there. I will point my camera at you in all my weird-but-obviously-so-not-enough-of-a-fan-girl-to-actually- show-up-or-know-you-are-in-town-dom and I will take a picture of you performing a song.  I will probably be wearing black so that I can hide my shame in all of this.  You won't be able to identify me in the crowd, but I will tell this story to someone. And for that I apologize to who ever that fan is, because they have probably actually seen you perform in the last 10 years live and not on the internet.  And I am sorry that I missed you. Again.

Please come back to Denver... I really can't louse this up one more time.

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