Saturday, February 25, 2012

Herschel Irving Sheyna Punim
February 24 2012

Our story ends here.  

I thank you more than anything for agreeing to come home with me on that night at the Dumb Friends League.  You were apprehensive.  I understood.  The first thing we did was go over to Moms House.  We named you right away and I hope took that apprehension away.  Took that evil moniker that they gave you away and started fresh.  We came home after that, you walked in the door and I said ... "you will never ever have to leave here unless you want to" ... and honestly, you never wanted to.

The guy at the DFL said it would not last and you wouldn't "work out". Little did he know right?

From that moment on to your very last heart beat tonite you brought me more joy and more love than you ever knew.  Seriously.  Every single day was better because you were here.  

We do love big in this family and you loved us big right back... your enlarged heart was proof of that.  

You weren't supposed to work out. I am glad you did.

You helped me through my heart breaking and loved F when he came back into my life. 

You played with every toy that I bought you but still until the near end played with the stuffed squirrel and duck that we got you at first.  You always went back to those same toys.  And believe me the playful bites you gave me these last couple of days are the best nibbles I will ever get.  You kissed away my tears when I cried at sad movies. You played with all the neighbor kids and dogs.  You were nice to everyone you met.  You asked for treats until about an hour before you took your last breath knowing full well I couldn't deny you anything.  Your sweet nature was a testament to how great a little creature you were. 

Thank you for it all.  

I learned great lessons and became a much better person because of you. 

You taught me to unconditionally love.  You taught me patience. You taught me that it's ok to make no excuses in this world and live each day the fullest. You taught me that a sweet apology is acceptable even if you did mean to do whatever... big brown eyes and a big wet nose made up for anything, always.

The house will always be empty with out you here. 

Thank you for letting me be your "mom" for all these years. It was the best gift I could have ever been given.  

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