Friday, January 06, 2012

Rev Jim benefit Show Number One information!

Next Thursday! Be there or be square... Well not square but you will be missing out on some really cool stuff.

I have been helping ZetaKaye House and Vinny Cheap work on this event (and the three more that follow) and I have to tell you... it is sooooo ON!

For those that are unawares... Jim Norris venerable host and Denver Music Scene empasario last month was bit by some heinous spider that basically almost killed him. Not knowing the full details is fine by me I have to say because honestly... even seeing the spiders on the flyers freaks me right the f' out. And knowing that one bit him and was nearly that devastating absolutely creeps me out.

What should be explained is that Jim like so many others is without health insurance and a week in the hospital is costly... so the community is pulling together and helping him with the what could only possibly be catastrophic bills.

If you have ever been fortunate enough to spend one minute with Jim you know how wonderful a man that he is. How his family and friends and business are so very important. He is really an amazing guy....

SOOOOOO.... last night I went down to the gallery in 3 Kings and saw some of the art that is being curated for sale and auction. I have pulled some pieces in as well. But know that this is top notch artwork by some of Denver's artistic community that is rallying around and giving up of themselves. It's absolutely beyond amazing to me.

There will be some amazingly affordable art work available ... get your bids in at the shows ... they are happening every Thursday night starting next Thursday to Feb 10 2012. I know that there are two pieces of art you may have to fight me for! There are pieces by Vinny Cheap, Rich from Boss 302, Tony from Boss 3o2, gift cards galore, I want to go on and on and on but there is music to talk about too!

This Ain't No Cowtown Vol III will shortly be available for your download and donation pleasure. It's going to be epic... super secret songs, unreleased gems and other treasures... watch for me to update the moment it's uploaded to BandCamp.... and ALL donations will go to Rev Jim's medical bills.

I personally want to thank all the artists, retailers, restaurants, businesses and musicians who are so selflessly giving to this benefit... you ALL are so amazing and I am really so very impressed with how brilliantly this community has rallied around these fundraisers!

Here are links to the bands that are playing next Thursday!

Glass Hits - Battleground States

Hi-Strung on Facebook (there are videos here)

Allout Helter on Myspace (you can listen to their music here)

Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah on Myspace (you can listen to their music here)

I hope very much to see you at the show... come find's going to be a great show!

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