Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things that I did this week:

Seems that this is a great way to wrap up what is happening and is far more easy to deal with than a normal entry - Sad I can't even be motivated to post a blog entry but phew... just not feelin' it... so here is the template o' joy:

Things I did this week:
  • finalized artists and framing details for the Jockey Full of Bourbon (the show) and got some new artists to be involved from out of state... phew.... nothing like the last minute
  • drove upto Vail and yes there was still snow on the ground... check my twitter or flickr feed I am sure there are pictures there...
  • Pissed off a coworker to the point that I think they won't talk to me every again, which in all sincerity, it's not a loss at all.  Ask me a stupid question that I have answered four or five times and you will get the stink eye from me if I even care to turn around at all to look at you... go away and figure it out on your own, you are an adult and I am not doing YOUR work for YOU anymore.  
  • Set up a serious art show and realized artists are nuts.  Completely out of their gourds nuts, but I love them and what they do so I dealt with it.
  • Had a great show can't wait to do it again in a year!

TV and Movies that I watched:
  • Please Give - I actually have seen this once before but didn't realize it until I had already got the instant watch going and decided to just roll with it anyways.
  • Beautiful Losers - I was needing a little inspiration and motivation to remind me that Friday's show is going to be worth it even though the only art that I have to hang on the wall is the work that I have curated for myself.  It's annoying but telling and knowing that I helped at least 5 artists at one time was nice. Plus I really do dig Ed Templeton and Barry McGee's work.  

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