Monday, June 20, 2011

Things I did this week:
  • Was completely embarrassed the U2 caught me in their fan cam not being classy at all.
  • brushed Herschels teeth and he didn't like it at all (it isn't the first time nor will it be the last), dealt with Herschel's third seizure in as many months.  This time I wasn't as petrified as in April.  Awaiting word from his neurologist to get the word on what we need to do next
  • Finished Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him 
  • Moved all my books out to the living room to encourage me to read more and it's working, I just started Tender Bar
  • Went to an 80s party and DID NOT rock my look from the 80s as Mr. Smith from the Cure would want his hair back.Nor could I pull of the mohawk I had for like five minutes then.  I did however consider wearing lace gloves as it wasn't something I would remotely have even considered because it was a costume party after all.
  • hyped and promoted the Jockey Full of Bourbon show and was inspired by my friend Baxter and his innate ability to network (he is amazing at that ... I had no idea).
  • was all set to change my flat tire but this gale force wind happened and prevented me from being awesome...I was wearing a dress that was about to blow up around my head ::darn you nature:: 
  • had a nice weekend relaxed and realized that I am really truely not a fan of the red bull.

Movies that I watched:

Things I cooked:
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • chicken picatta with goat cheese sauce
  • Iced Tea (ok that one is just sad but I did do that so I wanted to add it)

Concerts and shows I went to:
  • Peter Gabriel at Red Rocks - yes we got rained on and yes it was amazing
  • This Ain't No Cowtown Part I - music stylings part two at the Lost Lake (Chella Negro is who we went to see)
  • Westword Music Showcase - Yo La Tengo was amazing....

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