Monday, February 21, 2011

Pinterest is my fave right now...

I have spent the last week and a half or so totally enamored with Pinterest.  Hold the phone and saddle up because seriously... this is really a neat site.  I wish I had thought of it but am loving that someone did.  I used to use Wist alot to save things that I wanted to buy or bookmark for later, but Pinterest is even better than that and builds on the strengths of that site (at least in my opinion).

It's like an online inspiration board with interactivity built in.

Here is what I have so far (and I haven't found the time to peruse many other boards actually but I am planning to very soon).

The whole thing started when I saw a link to this cake and then I saw that the site was in public beta and invitation only.  I was bummed actually.  But then I thought... why wouldn't I just email the developer, tell him that I was interested and why and what I would conceivably make a good contributor.  And I was given an invite. 

I have to tell you how really cool this site is.  Not only do I have a visual resource for all the links and feeds that I have bookmarked in my google reader now but there are so many other things that just make me ooh and ahhh that people "pin" as well. It's really amazing.  I am in the process right now of "pinning" my favorites from my reader and bookmarks right now and then I hope to re-pin and share what else I find out there on the web.

Take a moment to get out and check the site out, it's garnering quite a bit of buzz and it's worthy of it.  The interface is gorgeous, there is a bookmarklet even to facilitate easy "pinning" it's really awesome. 

Now as part of my membership, I do have five invites to share... so if you are interested ... give me a jingle!

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Amanda said...

I'd love to get an invite!! I just found out about the site today, and I think it's great. Once you get over a couple hundred wists, it's very hard to keep everything organized.