Thursday, December 02, 2010

so what really can I say outside of ...

I don't want to sound racist.


So here's the deal.  Last night I came home from work, no different than any other day actually.  Took little HI for a walk and came in. I turned on the tv, which was on Channel 9 which is our local NBC affiliate.  I was going to actually sit down and do something that I never actually seem to do anymore.... watch a news broadcast.  So I am watching our local news and there is a report on a sentencing for a drunk driver at court today (which was actually yesterday) for a drunk driver.

So this makes news... good I think... drunk drivers should be called out on tv.... wait....screeeeech.  The guy was involved in a vehicular homicide.  Ooooohkay.  I get why this is a bigger deal.  Then I look at the people that they are showing leaving the courtroom in the video.  I recognize them.  Thank gawd for Steevoh because honestly I would have freaked had I not been able to rewind live tv and see what was going on.

So last year on September 9, 2009 this sentenced criminal, was driving drunk, hit a car, sped off at what they are reporting as Interstate level speeds, hits another car and displaces it 80 feet.  The second car that was hit was being driven by what I can only explain to you dear reader as one of the most kind people to me. 

Valentine will remember this time in my life.... I was working for Dr. Evil and we had just moved into our new office building and while we were waiting for our offices to be built out we shared an office space with a law firm.  Now we were completely embraced and enveloped into the culture and family of this firm and Leah and TM (initials only please because she is realllllly super private) were integral into that.  We were included in office events, lunches, trainings... you name it it's like we worked for the firm.  It was amazing.  Leah and I sat next to one another and I can honestly say she taught me more about law firming than I ever thought, so when I was offered the position working at a different law firm and accepted it the first people I called were these two amazing ladies.  Leah took me under her wing, gave me some amazing pointers that to this day, to THIS DAY.... I still think about all the time on how to do my job.  I will always remember her bringing me fried green tomatoes on a paper plate that her Dad made special for me with tomatoes from his window sill (seeing him on tv last night talking about her never coming back just broke my heart into a million little pieces).  I honestly can say that everything said about how great a person she was,  is honestly the truth and only a glimpse into how wonderful she was. 

So I am stunned that last year I didn't know about it.  So I am sitting there absolutely gobsmacked hearing that the fucker that killed her because he was too drunk to drive like a sensible human being was only sentenced to 12 years in prison.  He is a repeat offender.  He is a repeat offender (twice convicted... CONVICTED ALREADY) who was deported by the Immigration System due to his illegal status and he fucking came back and killed someone that absolutely made a difference in this world.  A mother.  A friend. A daughter.  A mentor. 

So I don't want to sound like a racist, but ... deported.  Snuck back in. Doesn't speak enough English to plead his case without an interpreter.  Leah's family may forgive him eventually (seriously they are amazing and kind people) but fuck if I will.  Deport his ass back to Mexico.  Sorry.  He doesn't deserve to live in the United States where he can join a prison gang and all that entails with living outside after he gets out.  Let him detox on a nice truck ride back to ohauca mexico.  This is not what Leah would say.  Leah would say everyone deserves a chance to make things right.  Well he had TWO FUCKING CHANCES and drove drunk, hit two cars and killed someone. 

NOW I am not saying that we were amazing and great friends once I left the law industry... because we weren't.  But sometimes people just stick with you and make a difference and no matter what, their passing is a shock.  I mean I didn't even know about this until yesterday.  Still I am deeply saddened and honestly I wish the guy had just stayed in Mexico after he was sent back.  I get that America.. land of opportunity and stuff.  But come legally, live by our rules, laws and ways and for fucksake call a cab. 

So... there it is.  I am crushed because I wish I had known.  I would very much have liked to have paid my respects and now reaching out might seem so much the "afterthought".  All I know is the world is just a little dimmer.

Here is the coverage in case you want to read about it:

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