Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's National Un-Friend People Day today...

I will admit it, I use Facebook big time.  I decided a week or so ago I was going to try and work my way out of it.  It's too  much and now that there is this whole big communications integration I really want out.  So, I deleted about 45 people that I barely know, totally don't interact with and don't really feel like I am missing anything by not seeing their updates.  Good for Zuck and his domination of the media but I am actually ready to try and break up with facebook completely.  Or at least for the most part.

So in honor of national Facebook unfriend day I did so.  Sorry to those gals from highschool that I don't know anymore but guiltily added.  Sorry to those cousins that are so far removed that I don't know the name of your kids - if I don't know the names of your kids, I deleted you, obviously there is a gap there.  Sorry to the friends of my brother's that I added but um... who are you again?  We had beers at one of his parties... oh... sorry ...bloop... gone.  So there are 110 people or groups that I actually do know and have regular interaction with either off line or on... still seems like a little much for me.  I want it under 75. 

I still have a couple hours.

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