Monday, October 25, 2010

Every Painting in the MoMA- I am excited to see at least a few soon!

So I have a trip to NYC coming up! I am very excited. F is taking me for my birthday which was in July. Why the delay? Oh because he got me tickets to see Pee Wee Herman on Broadway and we had to obviously wait for the show to open. Those two things Pee Wee, MoMA and maybe some really good eating (well that is for sure) are the only things on the agenda. I plan to take it all in through his guidance. I am very very excited that my first trip to NY will be on his arm. Seriously. This is HUGE for me.

I will be on a plane longer than a couple hours (the last time was the fateful trip to Toronto in 2000 which was awesome but a long time ago), I will be gone for more than a couple nights (I will miss my little Herschel), I am actually taking time off from work, and I am very excited.

I am trying to remain calm and carry on. I don't want to totally freak out but holy crap... NYC with F... nuts. Who would have thunk? What a completely great thing!

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