Friday, March 05, 2010

Come on Up to the House

I know that I have been VERY slackadasical in posting here.  It is sheer laziness I assure you. It isn't that I haven't had anything to post about because things are good. Work is good (not that I would discuss it here anyways), my personal life is amazing. My family is great.  My puppy is warm and cute and dear.  F is warm, cute, dear and magic.  I just haven't really had anything to post.  But tonite whilest scouring the internet because I have cold that I am trying to get over and chilling out at home I came across this video and it is lovely and beautiful:

Thank you World of Wonder blog (and Steven Saban who I will always remember from the days of Details magazine when it was really cool and yes Miss Lisa for sending me the very first issue I ever saw when you were working in Pheonix... see I really don't forget ANYTHING of value) for bringing this pretty into my universe tonite.

Saving money right now so that I can do a little traveling I hope soon.  Yep, that is me stating aloud that I am preparing to get on a plane and go some places!  I have a trip paid for to visit my niece I just have to pick a weekend, F and I want to go to New York (meaning I want to go to New York and have him show me around), and I really really want to go to San Francisco. Lots of bubbling around the office about how I need to go to San Francisco. So that is the order and that is how it's shaking out.  Then I will get my passport taken care of and perhaps G and I will get OUR acts together and do that Parisian museum tour we have talked about for a couple of years already.

So thats about it.

If'n you are in Denver and looking for something to do this weekend... Sunday at the Hi-Dive... Bocumast is sending the label mates to SXSW and doing it in style with a farewell brunch... we will be there so you should be too. Tell them Zoe sent you, they will find me and I will buy you a mimosa... you can buy your own tshirt though.

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