Monday, January 18, 2010

I just rocked through the Golden Globes from last night on my dvr in like an hour and a half ok seriously like two. Thank you Steevoh for saving me the time and energy it would have taken to watch it live.

There are a couple of comments in case you missed the show, here is what I think and probably would have said aloud had you been sitting on the couch next to me.  Meryl Streep was wearing earrings looked like Eiffel Towers at first but were amazing!  Tina Fey's character is the head writer for a show called TGS not AGS.  Christina Hendriks is unbelievably hot. Stanely Tucci is hot.  For the record Michael C Hall is going through chemo give him a break on the cap ok? He is amazing.  Thank you Drew for taking out the tongue stud for the night you looked absolutely gorgeous and classy.  Quentin Tarintino freaks me right out with the constant weird smirkie smirk.  Martin Scorsese is a total mensch.  Suzy Amis ... brush your hair, you once were in the movie Twister your hair shouldn't look like it was too.  Ok that was harsh.  The Hangover? Really? Huh....No I still haven't seen Avatar.  I would like Kate Winslet to read the phone book to me. George Clooney? I get it now. Toby Maguire looked pissed he didn't win... sorry brother Jeff Bridges IS the Dude remember?  The Dude abides indeed.  Toby wouldn't have thanked his stand in.  That is another mensch.  Jason Reitman looked man too... but what did you expect? Of course Avatar won.  Start your Oscar campaigns now. 

In other little things going on... Denver Restaurant week is coming up in a month or so.  I am excited because there are a couple places we will go to that offers a great bargain for a great meal.  We haven't chosen exactly where but I am looking forward to it.

Saturday we went for Brunch to Colt and Gray.  The place has gotten some great press and lots of props, that they do brunch is a bonus for us since it really has become one of my favorite meals.  We walked in and the first thing that struck me was how absolutely lovely the room was.  The chairs were sexy as hell.  I want a set...bad.  Our waiter came and took my coffee order and returned with a french press and a hourglass timer. Nice touch.  Then we had a waitress which was really weird to switch servers halfway through the meal I have to admit.  Our waitress took our order, I could hear the line call our order since we were sitting right by the kitchen door. Then fourty minutes later our french toast and panckes came out.  My pancakes sat on the pass bar for so long my plate nearly glowed it was so hot.  The syrup was absorbed into the pancakes and actually crystalized in the cakes.  The orange compound butter had a peice of paper still stuck on it. I understand how a compound butter is made and wrapped in wax paper traditionally but having to peel it off hot pancakes while it was melting nearly took the bloom that  the nice coffee service put on my morning.  F's french toast stuffed with apple and marscapone was lovely and the apples were slightly crisp.  I personally would have liked them a little crisper, but it's a good idea.  I would also probably add a little vanilla to the marscapone.  Our friends got the french toast and the sausage breakfast. The sausage was room temp.  The foie grois fat fried potato triangles were delightful, but deep fried I think.  All the flavor of the liver fat had cooked off which is a shame because it would have been an amazing compliment to the spicy and herb induced sausage.  Our meal ended and we cruised out.  I totally over tipped ... WAY over tipped.  Oops.  I didn't check my math... learned a lesson there.  But maybe because of that over tip I will get better service off the line next time we go in... hey there is that chick that tipped almost 18 bucks on a cup of coffee (which basically is what I did almost) lets make it right this time!

We also went to dinner at Marco's Coal Fired Pizza.  Ordered the spectacular lemon wings.  The onions, those sweet sweet onions could easily be my favorite thing in the whole world.  There is something about them acting a bed for the wings.  F ordered the Toscana Napoletana pizza, the crust was thin and chewy and hot.  The grape tomatoes were sliced in half and scattered across the top and were like little bombs of yum.  But the shaved parm, salty and placed on the tongue just melted. But seriously the best part of the pizza was the thinly shaved Prosciutto di Parma.  Oh ma gaw.  It just melted. And when F let me have the last couple of slices that had fallen on the plate of the cheese and meat, I knew in that moment that he really does like me.  I wouldn't have been so nice I don't think.  Ok I would have but I would have been sad about it.  F is super sweet and knows just what it takes to make me fall just that much more for him... prosciutto. 

And Sunday we went to Zorbas for breakfast. We like our breakfasts what can I say? A plate of gyros each was enough food for a family of five. I have left overs which is a great thing for the rest of the week!  But the highlight I have to admit was the Kotosoupa Avgolemono. I initially was a little turned off by the idea of chicken soup with lemon and rice and egg... but I thought what the heck I will try anything.  I seriously am so glad that I tried it because it was amazing.  It was an authentic treat that unexpectedly knocked me out it was delicious.  I almost asked for a to go order. 

So much for the New Year's diet.  I fell off the wagon and hit my head and realized that is a dumb move to even try it.  I might have to try the work out route instead. 

I am ending the night watching Anthony Bourdain in Paris (again... I want to go to there) and Tunisia.  I am making a goal to enjoy the simple pleasures and watching this great travel show about food makes me happy to have such great options here. 

It might not be lamb's head kabobs in Tunisia but I have really enjoyed my eating opportunities of late.  The company of course is always great too.  I am lucky to have a great boyfriend, great friends and all available to join me! 

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