Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yikes has it really been over a month... oops. I guess that real life business of not having much to share has gotten in the way with posting online. Lets see...

Started to read The Death of Bunny Munro then got freaked out when I was reading it that I would hear it as in fact Nick Cave was reading it to me in my head. It was a little disconcerting to go through that before I would go to bed so I put it down a couple of weeks ago and haven't picked it up again. Perhaps I will get to it soon, it wasn't bad, not great but certainly worth finishing.

I saw my very first Fellini movie in a theater. Wait that is confusing. I saw a Fellini movie in a theater, which is the first time seeing a Fellini movie on a screen larger than 42". Ok that makes better sense. It was early on a Saturday night and we were thinking of something to do. I was thinking about dinner and a movie but it turned out just to be Amaracord. In true Fellini fashion it was beautiful, disconjointed and delightful. I really can say it was better on a theater screen. One of the trailers before the movie was for the TV show "Modern Family" (which I am finding delightful to watch by the way)... there was an older gentleman in the theater that very loudly said "that looks like a comedy, I am not going to watch it". It was so funny. We giggled about it all night.

Later that night we went to Karaoke. Yep. I swear my little mind was blown. I just can only say F can sing... daymn. He got some ladies to clear the dance floor of tables and dance. It was amazing to see. Didn't know about this skill of his. Just thinking about it makes me smile a little. Ok... OK... alot.

I got over some of my issues with Jack White freaking me out after seeing "It Might Get Loud". He still creeps me out a little bit but after watching this movie about the three guitar giants play and talk about playing I respect the begebus out of the guy. And it was cool to see a little closer up than I ever have or will the set up that The Edge uses. Technology is is friend and it's neat to know a little bit more about how he makes his sound so uniquely his.

Finally placed an order for one of the many jars in the Vices Jar Collection from Jonathan Adler. It was such a disappointing mess that the delivery took nearly two weeks to arrive that sadly I don't think I will ever go to the effort to order again. I adore (no j'adore) the aesthetic that Mr. Adler has there is something truly lovely about the 60's Hollywoodchic design style but I am done. NOW... that being said they did me right, by crediting the shipping charges and offered me a discount on any future purchase, but sorry. The Prozac Jar will have to be my stopping point.

Got a miserable cold that lasted for a couple weeks. Cracked a tooth, possibly from grinding my teeth and am in the starting process of getting it fixed (part one of the initial root canal is done... and I can finally close my mouth completely and chew... its fantastic).

I met a lovely little girl that makes my bro and sister parents and me an aunt. This was the highlight of September I have to admit.

Memorable shows include: The Flaming Lips at Red Rocks,the Happy Mondays and the Physchedlic Furs at the Boulder Theater, Jen Korte and the Loss at the Walnut Room, David Cross book signing at the Tattered Cover (for a couple reasons....F was there, it's all I can say) and then the standup at the Paramount (even though because of my tooth and the ensuing bone infection, oh I didn't mention that above? Yeah... I was miserable), Aenka in a parking lot and Derby on the Rocks Western Regional Championships.

It has been a great month hope that it has been for you too.

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