Thursday, August 27, 2009

Senator Kennedy... I actually have something to add....

Ok so there has been alot of talk and coverage of Sen. Edward Kennedy's passing. I didn't really give it much thought except, what a loss for this nation that we lost a great politician (personal transgressions aside - I remember the trial of his nephew as I followed it with great interest for personal reasons).

But this morning as I was walking into work I remembered something really crazy that happened to me when I was working at this law firm in regards to Senator Kennedy.

Normal working day. Sitting at my desk, answering phones, doing calendaring stuff, doing my j.o.b.. The phone rings.

Of course I answer it, it's my lead's incoming line and I answer professionally and I hear on the other line: Good afternoon this is Ted I am calling for (my attorney's name). Um ok... So professionally I say, (My Attorney) is out of the office can I take a message? So "Ted" continues, and here is where I am paraphrasing....tell him Senator Kennedy called and would like to personally invite him to this event taking place in Denver and I would like him as my guest. Oh by the way ... would you like to join us at our table?

I totally freaked out.... calmly I said that I would pass the message on, got a phone number and then became the most giantest of giant policitcal nerds ever. I said... I never expected to ever hear your voice on the other end of the phone and this is a real honor sir, I met your families Aunt Eunice Shriver at blah blah blah.... for a fundraiser for blah blah blah and that was a highlight sir, but this is really is very exciting for me to talk to you on the phone Senator. I think I said Senator 10 times in one long run on sentence.

He was so nice. He confirmed asking me to attend this politico thing and told me he would like me to join the table...again. I actually look at my calendar and I can't go. Damnit. I tell him I am sorry I can't attend and so very much appreciate his invitation, Senator. He says if I ever make it to DC to call his office and arrange for a lunch.

Who am I? Just some dumb ass political geek Legal Secretary answering the phone and he is a mensch and says he invites me to his office? Certainly he has better things to say certainly... but he is saying this... to me.

It was really cool.

I hung up the phone and freaked out and this morning remembered this is what our nation mourns. Someone that actually gave a shit. Someone that radically worked for change back when it was actually more than just a buzz phrase.

I hope that he has found peace by his passing and his family finds peace too at this time of mourning.

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