Sunday, February 01, 2009

Wha? There is something major on tv today? Really? You don't say...

So this is the first year in like 20 that that I don't have a SuperBowl party that I am going to.  This is not a bad thing for me actually.  I am thrilled to be home and not in the fray of football today to be honest.  If I wanted to I certainly could invite myself over to my Mom and Dad's or go to a bar or something but really, if the truth must be told (IT MUST) I am happy sitting on my couch watching movies, clearing off Steevoh, catching up on some long neglected writing and just being able to be here, with Herschel...flying solo today.

I fear though that there isn't enough coffee in the world for me today.  I am just having a really hard time feeling the motivation, but it is really early still.

I am catching up on a little tv and then I really honestly am thinking about avoiding the television the entire rest of the day.  I am inspired by some vintage finds that someone posted on their photo blog that I frequent.  I am always really afraid to go to Antique Malls because I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of "stuff" and then get sidetracked for what I really am looking for. But today might be a really good time to leisurely look.

I also have to get some Valentines Day gifties taken care of.  Dad and Grandpa will be the toughest. Found the perfect thing for my Mom and F got taken care of already.  I feel like I am tempting fate buying gifts for F. It is that evil eye superstition weirdness that befalls me when I buy him something for a gift, not just a something because you are dope kind of thing... its completely irational but I think it goes deeper in that the Dybykk always messed me up when I did something for a holiday than he would do something awful and I would be stuck with this "thing" that I bought.  F isn't going to do anything but its in the back of my mind, I am still in the "firsts" events which is so odd and so thrilling. 

Although crawling back into bed and taking a nap actually might not be a bad thing... I am feeling the need to nap for a while. The heat just turned on and now I am comfortable and relaxed.  I might break out a book instead.

Oh and I have to find a jacket to emblazen with the Aenka logo... the cd is available now I think. They played on Tuesday and I really am so impressed, always am, sure I am biased but even so... impressed, with, them... to be sure.  And D.M. had a jacket that was sweeeeet and now I want one because I am a brat and have to have everything.  I have a couple gift cards for Macy's and certainly with the spring lines showing up in the stores I can find a jacket suitable for screening.

And this is super interesting to me:  Michael Phelps admits that the picture and video was of him hitting the bong. It's a standard apology but seriously I was waiting to hear that the picture and video were a fraud and not really him.  Now I do not give a hoot that he smoked the pot drank some booze and partied.  I mean when I was 23.... wowza.... so I totally give the kid a break.  (thanks Jezebel for the link)

Ok thats all I got for the day so far.  Potentially open for later editing... just so you know.

And Valentine?  Your feed now shows with pictures so I can kvell on the cuteness immediately!