Monday, January 19, 2009

I was really very brave just now.

So the evil has caught up with me.

Yeah and I totally am a sucker and need to get over it.  I made a huge mistake and now ... I have to live with it. What pray tell am I even remotely talking about.... oy...vey... I accepted a friend invite to facebook that I shouldn't have.  Yeah yeah yeah... someone that I really don't like.  Someone that don't really think that I would even call a frenemy.  Why did I do it?  Guilt.  I did it because I felt guilty about not liking her for as long as I have. But really honestly she lives in the same town and I wouldn't even remotely consider picking up the phone to call her so why on god's green earth would I actually accept the friend invitation?  I am a freakin' moron is why. 

I put pictures up of my  peeps there and I don't want this woman to know I even exist.  Now I am stuck I don't know how to un-friend her.  We aren't friends.  We don't know one another.  I don't care about her.  I will probably send her a little message, say how odd that it was and then politely un-accept and back out.

I think that is only the right thing to do.

So I emailed her. Then removed her.  And what is really weird is that facebook allows you to remove people without them even ever actually knowing.  I think that is bad.  I think you should know if someone "unfriend accepts".  I think defeats the whole purpose.  But I also get that some people aren't adults and are teenagers and it can cause all sorts of problems and escalate. So I get it. I did the right thing though by telling her why and moving on.

But its done.  I will admit it, I caved.  Caved to the pressure to be nice.  But nice is dumb sometimes and that is what got me into so much trouble all those long long lost years ago.  I was far too nice to her and she was far far to mean and cruel to me.  So... we have moved on in our lives. Bully for us.  I am a nice girl now, still very untrusting because of her bullshit but I am still nice, but not her friend virtually either now.  She certainly can communicate with me via facebook messaging but certainly she is not on my friends list.  And certainly she should know why or should at least remember now. 

My mother would be proud.  She said why would i friend "that bitch" and really it got me thinking... why did I friend that bitch.  So I came home and did what needed to be done.

I will never network with that woman, haven't since the day I left the dorm we were living in so seriously not that big of a deal.  If I appear to be a bitch, fine, won't be the first nor the last time that happens to be sure. But she should understand my rationale and not be offended.

But I am proud of me for being mature and at least emailing her first.  It only seemed like the right thing to do.

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