Monday, December 22, 2008

Wellbutrin... I hate you and you can suck it.

I loves me my Jonathan Adler... this is not new territory here on this blog. I am tempted to make a JA tag, just to see how much I mention him.  But last night when I opened Hanukkah presents from my Brother and his wife, I nearly peed my pants.  Not only was it from my third favorite place in the general Phoenix area (haus) but something distinctly Jonathan Adler that I didn't even know existed.  I have decided that I need to rearrange my dressers now to accommodate its fantasticalness in my bedroom.  Seriously.  So freaking cool. Or maybe in the bathroom.  Better.  Magic.  Anyways.  So exciting.

And my parents... totally amazing, they are gift giving geniuses. I was so crabby and miserable (damn to Wellbutrin... you suck and I am not taking you anymore), it was just torture to give them the giftcard printout laziness that I printed.  This Wellbutrin sucked the life out of me and my gift giving energy this year.  I thought it was just a general malaise about the economy but really it is the fact that again, in my quest to quit smoking and put off my seasonal effective disorder annual freakout, I made things worse.

So I have been off the meds for 24 hours which cold turkey is not the way to go, but holy shit I feel better. It might be pyschological but holy crap, happy today.  For the first time, genuinely happy, in like three weeks.  The next time I think about Wellbutrin someone take the pill bottle away from me like I am on some Judy Garland / Liza Minelli freakout wannabe pill popping show-o-rama because seriously... that shit sucked.  Auntie Pickles is a little better and that is what matters. 

When I was downtown a couple of times for the DNC this August, there was talk around and about discussing the Code Pink contingency.  Mostly in my circles because they were passing out condoms that were supposedly pink and branded with their "make out not war" jargon.  Fun right?  So I didn't give it much thought, I didn't get any condoms from the Code Pink group, got a couple pictures of a group of ladies that were coming from the Convention Center when I was on my way to the Buell the night F so awesomely got me into the ETown taping. 

So I am cleaning yesterday afternoon, it really helped me in about 100 million ways by the way after I got home from my parents....and accomplished far more than I intended.  Anyways... so I find this sticker that I was handed.  I go to their site today... lo these months later and I have to say, kinda impressed with some of their action items.  I really honestly thought that they only mobilized to get involved around the conventions but really they are quite the PAC. 

See? Looking at political stuff, looking to cooking some good food this week, actually finishing holiday cards (yep I am sooooo going to do it!!!), maybe even hitting a couple of stores?  Gosh it is really good to be back.  Holla.  I am been going through the motions of happy and largely faking it outside of a couple of conversations with Valentine and G so girls... I am back.

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