Thursday, December 25, 2008

I am actually rather enjoying today's Christmas holiday and hope dear reader you are, and a quick aside... Happy Birthday to my SiL who is in Vancouever and hopefully skiing her tuches off.

I have the radio on: Denver's Independent 101.5. Now I link to it not because I am a media whore, but because seriously this station kicks ass. I have like two people in Denver that read it but they stream babies, click on the listen now button and hear what I am talking about. So awesome, and they are really trying to do something great with the station that hasn't been done before locally in Denver and I want them to succeed, so tune in please. Email them and tell them Zoe sent ya (don't, I am just kidding). I mean Love and Rockets right now? Holla so great. So very great. Thanks Whip for programming a great station and having two really kick ass ladies on air, that alone is worth mentioning. They are the only female personalities on the air that are not just going through the motions, you can tell. Lynne... adorable (and in person too, say hi to her if you see her out and about) and Stefani seems to dig what she is doing. Its a pleasure to listen to. I wish you a merry christmas full of media success and sales joy. Ok so I am a media whore. What can I say?

Anyways. Went to Heebonism last night. Uh, my five year break or whatever was justified. Sure it was ok and fun-ish, but I did not know any of these people and honestly would have danced a little bit but didn't happen so ce'la vie. I didn't like the bartenders very much, I had to wave cash at one of them to step away from her cellphone while she was texting someone. Hi, I want to actually buy a drink can I interest you in helping me? I appreciate that the guys who ran the show did a great job and honestly it was funner than most jew-ey events on Christmas eve that I have gone to in the past so thanks E3, but your door chick was a bitch. Sorry. Just because I am not 22 years old I am trying to be nice but seriously the attitude was not necessary. I know I am older than the average person here but let us in, I paid. Then she made a comment about my trader joes bag, which I brought the canned food in. So I gave it to her and she tossed it aside like it was trash. I almost asked for it back, but had better things to do than be a bitch back, I was there to have fun! But I hope your food drive worked out well E3. Donate to your local food pantries people. Not a lecture but a point out to the obvious some people really need the assistance. So help out why don't you?

Tuesday I made dinner for Chanukah, I completely over cooked the brisket but I learned the thing with brisket is, even if you can't slice it on the grain, you can slice it in chunks and still delicious, then shred the rest for bbq sandwhiches for lunch on Challah rolls for Christmas lunch. The one thing that was frustrating was my kitchen sink drain clogged as I was cooking. Of course it did. I had dinner for someone other than myself on deck. I didn't get frustrated but plunged the sucker at least until it drained enough but it isn't just clearing quickly. So frustrating and well actually gross. Something is caught up in there and I can't deal with it with a plunger alone apparantely. So since the pipes are in the wall, they are a common element so I will have to call the HOA Management company and they will call a plumber out to snake it. I am not supposed to call they do and then pay if it is in fact a problem outside the wall of my condo (one of the joys of condo ownership for sure), so I will wait until Friday and call. It drains really slowly now but still it needs to be fixed to drain normally. A minor hickup. I just have to be patient when using the sink for the next 24 hours. No biggie.

From dinner we went to the Bluebird to see The Swayback (!) (I say Swayback with an emphasis so must do the same thing when typing it out). Had a great time, met some fun fun folks. Talked radio with some radio people (oh radio promotions how I miss the hell out of you. I wish I could volunteer to do it... I might actually call and see if I can a couple times a month, but fear the "hey who is that old chick with the promo schwag... oh that's Zoe she thinks she is still in the Denver Radio Mafia, but that died when Clear Channel came to town, she is just reliving the past, leave her alone, let her pretend...."). But the best part of the whole evening was some chatter that I overheard. Mmmmm chatter. So damn you Wellbutrin.

Came home and chilled and watched High Anxiety.

I did have to go into the office but there was no set time, on Wednesday so slept in. I think because my mind was finally clear of all the garbagio misery I just opened up and enjoyed it. I didn't feel guilty about my choice to sleep in, have a nice morning and didn't stress about it at all. I think F appreciated it too.

Did absolutely nothing at work at all of any consequence. I wouldn't have gone in but checked my voice mail before I went in and there were a couple of things that I couldn't handle without my computer at the office so decided worthwhile going in. Monday my new department Manager starts so I might go in for a little bit tomorrow and clean up his office and get things set for him, even though technically he won't be in the building until Wednesday. I do have to call the caterer and arrange for a welcome breakfast next week which I totally spaced until just now. Dang. Better look up menus and stuff now and get that all organized so that I can call and jam on that on Friday. That I can actually do from home.

OH and F gave me the A John Waters Christmas Album yesterday which I am about to put in and give a spin too. I will think of you while I am roasting a couple marshmallows, watching the yule log on cable and getting ready for the 3rd Annual Fuck Christmas Party tonite at the 3 Kings. Maybe if you are in town you could come down too!

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