Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So today ran the gamut... from going "yessss" almost aloud to going "oh shit" totally out loud. So things are good and things are going to be tough but good I think. Good not necessarily for me, but certainly for those involved for sure. I am happy about all the potential good that may come of this but really things will be busy and complicated for me, but again this will only prove my mettle and what I can withstand. I was talking with a co-worker about some things and certainly got an earful about some serious office gossip too. OY. People are kinda stupid and making bad choices. (edited to add: this is about the boss man quitting and the office romance that now everyone knows about)

Today is my Grandma Dorothy's yortzite and certainly this is not an easy day for me. But I am really thinking about her alot. Thinking how in alot of ways she would be very happy for me, proud of me and certainly if she was here still would just an inspiration for us. I have to remember that instead of being sad, I have to remember what she would say or do to encourage me through all my daily trials and tribulations.

I am trying to figure out what to do for dinner. I could either go and pick up pizza or even go and pick up a chipotle' but not sure. I was thinking about seeing if F wanted to meet before his jam tonite but I know he has lots going on tonite before. I might just go and get pho on my own. There is a place near my house that my bro tells me is good and tonite might be the night to walk in sit down and just break out the gastronomy.

I am working too on my clean up too. I think really it needs to be pizza tonite so I don't put this off anymore. I think tonite will be my laundry room clean up. Ho nelly wish me luck.

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