Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ok funny thing... I just actually went to look at this here blog and see the bookmark chiklet on the bottom of my entries. Now this is funny because I remember going "huh that would be cool to add to my blog" at somepoint, so I had to go and look at the code to see where and when I actually built it into my page layout, because I do not at all remember actually doing it and seriously... I really did. When I install anything into my template, I make a note in the code to let me know that I did do it and when and where I got the code... which I actually didn't do this time... but yeah it is really pretty cool that its there.

Meet F for Lucille's brunch. Then we went to the Denver Art Museum. It was really great. There were peices there that I wished I had known were there earlier, I would have made more of a point to go but it was great to make it there today. Sorry G I couldn't wait for you to come back, but that being said there are many peices I want to go back and visit again. And I was really surprised that the Warhol wasn't the one I thought it was. AND it was really fucking cool. I get it now.

It was a great afternoon.

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