Friday, August 15, 2008

...go me...

So it looks like I might just end up at the Denver 77-88 Punk Reunion at the Continental tonite. "Watching" Comcast Retro Active tv music channel. Honest to gawd it seriously has been hitting on every piston, even the Kate Bush song wasn't bad... sure it was weird that it was programmed right after the Circle Jerks, but still... it was AFTER the most excellent Circle Jerks. I have been going through magazine clippings and getting that mishegas all cleaned up. I have a gabillion recipes clipped I will never actually make so time to cull some of them out. Ceviche is ceviche, 10 recipes is 10 too many.

F is heading over to Basins Up (man how I wish that really was true) but its a new spot now, and honestly I am happier here going through magazine junk. If he calls about the Continental I will go but otherwise, I honestly am seriously happy hanging homeside. The music is good and I haven't had to really go and mute something to get past it which is awesome.

I just want to get through some piles of stuff and I will be ready to go... put on my hair... put on my pout... heee.

M H ... seriously buddy you never are far from my heart!

I also found a guava candle and even though it is rainy and cold in Denver right now, its warm and tropical in my house.

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