Friday, July 11, 2008

So I have this gene. Lets call it the dishwareglasswareconsumption gene the recessive DGC gene, if you will. It runs thick and strong on the X line of my Genetic Code. It hasn't been a problem for about 6 months really. I haven't given it much thought, nor have I let it be an issue, its just been dormant. I have dealt with its problem bearing issues on my bank account really well actually for longer than that. I haven't in about 2 years bought any glassware or tableware of any kind, and that is saying something.

But color me completely freaked out when I read I think on (yep) Apartment Therapy that the Duralex company was possibly going out of business and the mercurial "French Bistro Glass" was going to be no longer. I have coveted these glasses since I was 16 and on my trip back from Israel for the four hours we left the French Airport and took busses into some square somewhere in Paris for like five minutes (ok it was like 45) only to have to load back up onto the busses and bust back, and first saw them. Saw and wanted them.

But I could find them here, wasn't an issue....

Now I knew that Cost Plus always had them. It was like a nice little comfortable touchstone to see them on the shelves, knowing when I had room or cycled out my anchorhocking pink glasses that I would be good and could go and get them at my leisure. So it was a mad dash to Cost Plus tonite. What a stinkin' pleasure to have them. They have these carrying things that are like big 6 pack containers made of sturdy cardboard which makes storage in the pantry like a breeze, the guy ringing me up was a treasure and to totally top it off, they even had the new chocolate flavor pez... don't worry Bro... some are on the way to you. Oh and the Snow White I was looking for.

The guy ringing me up made a really good point about possessions (which was funny coming from a disposable design joint like Cost Plus...I don't mock because j'adore...really) owning the person. So in honor of his very very VERY valid point, I asked the girl across the hall if she would like some highball glasses that I have buried in my cabinets, she came over and looked at them and was so happy. Which makes me happy and without any regret giving them away. Now if I could only do that without the buying something first part I would be golden.

And because the glasses are pretty... go and watch the video below.... its pretty too.

I hope to put the gene back to rest and into dormancy...let it's ugly head rear itself up only in desperate times. Lets hope that Duraflex can pull itself up and out and that they survive the economic times they face. Let it be a beacon for us all.

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