Monday, July 21, 2008

nothing is more romanticall...

nothing at all... more than some unfortunately drunk guy singing the wrong lyrics to you and your boyfriend standing there laughing at the situation...

So Saturday night after I cleaned the house a little bit waiting for F to call we ended up at 3 Kings, which I have to say really is becoming one of my most favoritest of places because it is such a show every time I go, which I love.  I don't know if it is because every time I seem to go there there are pretty girls from Ooh LaLa Burlesque and some guys from Boylesque even and it is really fun.  Or because the bartenders really treat me well... that last cocktail kicked my bootay.  Or I can play a couple games of pinball when I go. Or every single time I go there I end up talking to completely over the top drunk guy. This time it was Joe.  He said he played with the Chili Peppers *huh....really* then sang me the lyrics to Under the Bridge but totally wrong.  I felt badly for him because he didn't have a clue.  But I told him it was my favorite of Peppers songs (it for the record is not) and he was happy.  Then I went to watch the pretty girls.  I did get a cool PBR pen out of the evening (thank you Jim) and really a very funny memory along the lines of something that I read and laughed about in early May but this time it was said straight to my face within earshot and there was no dissension.  That is what totally freaked me out in a good way. 

Week is shaping up.  And Friday night I get to go and see my other not so secret boy comedian crush... Dave Attell.  Holy crap F is on my "good boys get rewarded nicely list" that is all I can say. He totally came through and worked his magic.  I am one lucky lucky little peanut and certainly I don't know what I have done to deserve this because it is good. 

Potato Man instant messaged me birthday greetings and tried to pass it off like he remembered... uh yeah... you got the reminder from Facebook dude, like everyone else who sent me a Super Poke or FunWall post... but it was nice nonetheless I suppose.  You would think all those years together he would recall it, but its ok, I came through like the trooper and sent him a card for his birthday which is in two days.  And I didn't forget, but it is what I do.

Dinner was actually pretty nice. Everyone behaved themselves. And really the best part was I got to see the onion volcano (and how weird that this link showed in my reader today)... it was awesome.  

I have only smoked two cigarettes today and really I think it was just because it felt weird not driving to work with a cigarette, then it did actually feel weird to be smoking.  Also my mood has evened out a ton.  I actually feel really normal today.  Like snarky normal not maniac crazy normal.  I don't kid when I say Wellbutrin is a miracle I just have to ride this wave of total weirdness out for a little bit and I think honestly I might get over the habit side of it.  The nicotine side isn't so much an issue I guess because that has been easy to deal with.  So two cigarettes and it is almost 4 in the afternoon.... brilliant!  I didn't smoke at all at the bar the other night, didn't try to go out and stand in the smoking area even.  So this really works.  I am glad I am doing it.  I do feel better already.  I just want to pink up those lungs....I am well on my way!  What is also really weird is that I am also drinking less coffee.  And I like the warmth of the beverage and the taste and I am reaching for the water more and more.  Freakie. 

All I can say is even if I wasn't on the "HappyandYouWon'tWanttoSmokePills"(ltm) I would be really happy anyways.  And that is happy.

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