Thursday, May 01, 2008

Of course it is snowing, its May for goodness sake! Actually it is quite beautiful but you would think that the world was turning on it's axis and we as a human race were about to start slipping off the crust the way a couple of people are talking today. The streets are mostly just going to stay wet and it will be gone and melted by the time the day breaks tomorrow. I have to get out and take a couple pictures. (***edited to add*** too late even by now 1:00 its pretty much over I think)

One of my co-werkers totally busted my chops this morning. He asked me the funniest question and I just must have turned like a shade of blush that normally doesn't exist because he called me on it. I didn't do anything but stand there and I just didn't answer and he knew what the answer was without even having to say it. The answer would have been yes, I have lost 8 pounds. Shut up. I am neurotic as hell and this is just further proof. In my maniac four day non sleep binge in August I lost six pounds. At least I am sleeping but just nuts.

I am wearing the birthday present ring (the ring I bought for me instead of a birthday present for someone else) and it is even big on my fingers. Which is really unusual.

I just had a Grandma D moment with the car trunk gift closet. It is always super nice to be armed with the office appropriate gifties because I can come through in a snap. One more reason why I am very very good at my job.

Long night ahead of me and I can't sit still now. All I want to do is clock out (not just mentally) and get out of dodge.

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