Friday, May 02, 2008

not as tired as anticipated....for going out full on on a school night....

So I made it home at a decent hour on a school night. Went from the discotastic tight horn section stylings of KC and the Sunshine Band to watching the Avs get completely spanked (which is what I anticipatated) to Mark Mallman (who was awesome) to Dark Meat (who were even awesomer). And I was home by 1:00. And awake on time this morning ready to be at work. Huh. Didn't expect that at all. Thought for sure I was going to be late. I even had time to make breakfast burritos and lunch.

I am though just more than slightly disappointed that open bar apparently means cash bar in the fundraising business these days. Now don't get me wrong, I certainly can afford to buy cocktails, I can afford to buy other people cocktails, I don't mind spending for cocktails, but when your even invitation (and website) state open bar it was more than just a little uncomfortable to walk up to the bar and see the cash registers turned on tabulating charges. It was just a little disappointing. Sure its a fundraiser, yes times economically are tough and booze is the highest consumption based cost when planning an event for 1000 people so I get it. But don't say open bar and not have an open bar. Bad bad BAD form.

And Occasions by Sandy makes a mean mac and cheese I suppose and the salad was good that I had. But kinda low rent. I know its a super bitchy thing to say but seriously... mac and cheese? Turkey A La King? That is the best you can do? It was like the hot dogs at the Yeshiva dinner. Low. Rent. But the show was great. And I have to admit I was pretty entertained by the horn section. Better than expected.

Just spent 20 minutes on the phone basically arguing with this dude from our companies IT department. Yes I am supposed to have XP, but my office products build is off windows 2000 professional with office 2002 products. I don't have XP, it says I do but seriously look in the properties.... its windows 2002. Look, log onto my computer... see right there? You can see for yourself. Just the dumbest waste of 20 minutes of my entire existence. seriously.

Just deleted the entire rant. Let me just say this, I will work around the situation instead of arguing with the fucktard about it. Just not worth it. My time is too valuable to be argue with him that I can't open our consultants documents. He even tried but whatever. Just other fires to put out. Potato Potato Potato is all I can say.

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