Saturday, April 19, 2008

So last night I was talking about a friend in LA that was so completely freakishly influential to me in about a half million magical little ways. He (unbeknownst to him until this morning when I emailed him....thank you google for letting me be a complete stalker this morning) changed my outlook on things that 20 years ago changed everything for me starting about 10 years ago.

I wrote this convoluted story that I never finished because of him (and found it a couple of days ago when I was cleaning out my closet...he said I should pick it up now and rework it... I just might), really bad poetry (which I will not pick up), he was the one that dragged me to that bar so I could meet Charles Bukowski (honestly one of the high points of our friendship) and kept going back a few more times so we could drink with him, we went to Crispin Glover's house to have him autograph Rat Catching at 2:00 in the morning, shared a bed platonically for months until I moved back to Denver, he taught me how to shave a mans face (ladies it is a very different thing than your legs and I have never been able to do again), put me through film school for a bit of a semester, went to horrible student screenings, kept S from the pasta pot incident, watched me sleep, got me out of tie dye, made me realize what I am attracted to in a person is bald boys who wear glasses and a arty farty tendancy not the hippie Dybykk I was dealing with at the time I was there (F you can thank him later, without M's influence I wouldn't have been stopped dead in my chair at the Starbucks that afternoon we met... and that shirt... seriously... it was M's influence that got me to that point and I am luckier for it, you thought it was Del... nope....) and he let me feel good about myself in a way no one single person let me unabashedly feel up to that point.

So when we started talking about the last time I was in LA and Crispin Glover (he is in town this weekend) I thought about M for the first time in 10 years almost. It was so strange because really there I am sitting with F realizing with out M it never ever would have happened 10 years ago or even right now. I would have been a very different person probably. I am glad his influence waved over me and thanks to being the Google Stalker that I was today I could tell him.

Oh and happy Pesach everyone!

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