Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I have to leave the office today during lunch. I know so f'n what Zoe, no one cares. But wait... it's kind of a big deal for me. I don't leave and go to lunch. I am this little freaky worker bee that insists on not leaving her desk should anyone maybe perhaps maybe need something. That stopped yesterday when I went out on my lunch and went camera shopping. Which was huge.

Because it is supposed to snow tonite and tomorrow (of course it is, its going to snow on Thursday, every Thursday when I have this event it snows... its so weird that its actually pretty funny).

My Mom gave me this box of stuff from when I was a kid, some of my artwork. Ok so it was really weird. And I realized that I have this weird issues with old rubberbands. I didn't want to touch them in the bottom of the box. I wouldn't even unroll this group of paintings I did because seriously... dead old rubber band on it. Freaked my shit right out. And I learned something about myself that I didn't previously know. But all the stuff came in a box from my Dad's meat packing plant so its uber special. They love me the most... sorry Bro. Just kidding. They love Herschel most.

I am watching the weather like its a freak show...I have a meeting early tomorrow morning and of course it has to snow. It doesn't fail. Rain changing to snow at midnight. So predictable. Damnit.

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