Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So I am sitting here eating almond m & m's and thought... holy all that I totally forgot to do, I need to go and order my Jonathan Richman tickets for the show at Lions Lair tomorrow. WHAT? The show is tonite? WAH? This blows, because of course the show is sold out. So even though I have planned on this for like a month I had the day totally wrong. Typical. That is what I get for not checking again like a few weeks ago. And now I feel like my teeth are covered in a layer of well a layer.

I will go and brush my teeth and crawl into bed and finish up a book and I suppose I will go to bed early, sad that I don't get to see my rock and roll crush. DAMNIT.

Its kind of a sad day for me in a way.

Any one that went to the show tonite.. bully for you for not only getting the day right (doh!) but scoring a ticket! Color me really jealous.

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