Saturday, March 15, 2008

I spent today on a little vacation on my couch.

No worrying about errands, lists or even anything I should be doing. YIKES! I actually did it. So here it is 9:35 pm and I have gotten through my four foot high tall pile of magazines. I do not joke, it was huge. I didn't read a single article but pulled slip sheets out basically and are down to under probably 300 pages.

I also got my first Time Capsule from Photojojo. Now there are alot of things that I like about PhotoJoJo, not only do they send out the MOST amazing tricks, tips and motivations, but at the bottom of the time capsule... there is a block where you can add your very own message to your future self. I mean seriously that is so completely the most awesome thing ever. These are not my best pictures but certainly am digging the concept.

Here is some information about their methodology but all I know is that I have been a subscriber for quite a while to the weekly email, and even like to it in my blogroll over there ----> so you can check out its most excellentness on your very own.

I am slightly panicked about spending this money for this birthday party in June. I have to travel and literally I am going to just fly out for the day probably. The party is the weekend of Father's Day and if I am not back in Denver I anticipate a hail storm of guilt if I am not back. The airfare will be almost 400 bucks and the room will be 300... it is a lot of money to spend for a day tripto go bowling. I honestly am not quite sure today if I am willing to spend the money. I feel absolutely shittastic for even thinking it, but damnit I do. It's a lot of pita chips at Sunflower I have to admit. It's a mortgage payment and my utilities. It's like half a Louis Vuitton purse (not that I want one or would even buy one, just sayin').

So the snow is beginning to fall, just as predicted. As also as I would have predicted Herschel wants to go outside and play in it. Which I love because when he comes in I wrap him in a towel and dry him off and its seriously so f'n cute I kvell. Tomorrow it will be a day to bake I think. You know baking during snow... magic.

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