Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ok I am going to put this out there... much against the common belief that Comcast sucks, I really have to say I loves me my Comcast.

See, this month the cost for Comcast went up. I called because I was annoyed by the lack of notice for the increase. Oh they publish the rate increases in the papers. Which I get by law they have to do, but see here is the rub, I don't get the paper so I didn't see any notifications. So... Robert (the "loyalty" representative) and I had a little chat.

While he was trying to arrange some kind of deal for me, which was nice and all... I thought and I am sitting there thinking... OK, I am at the "premium" level, there is another level above mine so I ask, what is the cost for the whole kit and kaboodle. And how about this... its 9 bucks or so more than I would be paying if I kept my current state. So I say to Robert... lets just cut to the chase... give me the best bang for my buck... give me the whole shibang. I am quite sure that I am the only customer that did that. Most people probably called and said fine, cancel me...

And today I have been sitting here watching Showtime On Demand, which means Dexter the second half of season one and even season two because this isn't just some free preview event... nope, this is me being able to watch it whenever I want. It's so good... and worth the few bucks a month more I will be paying. I watched the first few episodes last summer at my parents house and edited on my dvr from network, but this is so much better. And since I haven't read the book, which I have had for almost two years, I am not sure if this story line is in it or not, but I am thinking I know who the killer is that Dexter is following (*** edited to add.. I WAS SO RIGHT ****). Michael C Hall is a brilliant actor.

I slept in really late this morning, my 11:00 hair cut appointment canceled which was really a gift. I like having been given the gift of time today. I am sorry that S didn't feel good but it was great for me.

And to make it even better... Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder is on tonite. Oompa Loompa indeed.

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