Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Gilligan!

Well I will be all damned and surprised and stuff.

Trading emails with Gilligan after all this time (I haven't worked with him for about 5 or 6 years at this point). I lurve him. He was nearly the most perfect of co-workers ever. He really taught me some stuff. Like: how to pick a sports bracket, how to bet on golf, how not to develop a file system based on clients names (seriously I still don't understand his filing system methodology but it worked for him), how to smile and nod and generally be a good sport, how to not be really bothered too much about stuff.

So we are, meaning I am, catching up on all the gossip about the Island and I explained that I had to switch everyone's nicknames from Gilligan's Island references to Austin Powers (man how I miss those wacky LiveJournal days....mmmmmwah to all my friends from there that are here now...) and it caught me off guard when he said my "talents were wasted" there. I really thought seriously he figured I was just some lazy secretary that sat around and waited until 3:00 for KTG to come downstairs from the radio station to flirt and then not really do anything and surfed the internets. I seriously thought he figured me to be the worst co-werker ever. I flipped a little bit. Number Two certainly thought I was a waste of space I always thought, Mini-Me didn't think I knew anything and treated me like an imbecile. But good ole' Gilligan... there surprising the crap out of me and making my day. I really want to get the gossip on The Skipper, I filled him in on Dr. Evil and Mrs Howell, Mr. Biggelsworth and Ceeg. I miss Ceeg too. She was nuts. I keep myself very sheltered and away from my current cow erkers now. I don't get involved, I come into work, do my job and go home. Its ok actually because I don't invest too much but I am missing those knuckleheads a little bit.

I would love to write about work and use some movie or tv reference to nickname my co-werkers here, but seriously... not all that interesting. Not that they personally are interesting, its just the work... not as much as my observations back in the day. All though my Boss now is very Gilligan like. They remind me of one another alot. Its a little weird to piece that little puzzle together I have to admit.

Watching Miss Guided. And OK ... its kind of amusing. Chris Parnell rummaging lockers? Brilliant.

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