Sunday, March 23, 2008

"did you not tell them they were the lord's chips?"

So... I never really call out the work of people I know or have known here. I think it gives too much away of who I am which I take great care to actually keep out of the blog. I did it once and had to take the post down because honestly it freaked me completely out.

But that being said....

One of my best friends and my favorite person in the world back in the time a while back...did such an awesome job on Nacho Libre I can't stand it. Since I have Showtime now I could have Steevoh record it for me. There is subtlety in his mix. I only wish I could have heard it in the way it should be, not just through my two tv speakers, but in surround, because I know there are little nuances that I hear but I know I am missing stuff.

I am always really proud when I look at his IMDB page and see all the kick ass things he works on.

So there it is... when his Mom called me a couple years ago and said he had just finished working on it I promised her I would go and see it and didn't, and I am really sorry I didn't because, ok... I am not the biggest Jack Black fan (yes... he was ok in High Fidelity) and seeing this in a theater just never happened. But its actually pretty damn subtlely funny. So now I am watching it, listening to it and enjoying it. Ok Jack Black you aren't so bad... But Marc YOU ROCK and I am not saying that just because you mixed Run Ronnie Run either.

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