Monday, March 24, 2008

Circus of Crazy - How much are the tickets to the Geek Show for you ... free

Ok its getting serious now.  Steevoh is almost scrubbed clean.  I have almost all of Pushing Daises watched.  I have two shows that I need to stick onto a disc, which I can do to save for all posterity.  One being the "anna nicole" law and order... (my not so secret David Cross issue comes up now and again so its good to be able to pause and laugh at the ridiculous nature of the role he paid off his condo with) and Factotum (I mean really it is Matt Dillon as Hank Chinaski what more could I ask for right... I mean Mickey Rourke was all right. Yeah its pretty much a good thing). Then I have my starred items almost all saved and archived.  What does this mean?  What?  OH crap, I can't hide out anymore.  I can't avoid things like the public.  It gives me chills to think about the prospect of having to sit someplace besides my couch.

I have my past coming and biting me on the butt right  now.  I kind of like it.  I just hope that it doesn't leave bruises.

And I just got an email from "Hollywood" that the institution known as the Cricket on the Hill is closed. As all good things come to end I guess its time has come.  What a strange deal.  Saw many a local act play there.  Mostly friends bands but every now and again, accidentally walked in thinking that someone's band was playing and they weren't and ended up staying.  Took "Cousin It" there and spent the whole night talking about how my friend C reminded us of Jonathan Richman.  So yeah it goes deep and right back to Jonathan Richman.  How weird.

I am thinking about voting off Adam Corrolla just for the fact they butchered House of Bamboo.  I will listen to that at my desk and I have Andy Williams making me do my little chair dance and its glorious, this was a travesty.  If they are paying the rights for the song, why not just play the vocal.  Whatever.  Now I can't get this image out of my head.  I still think he is getting voted off the island.  And yes, shut up I have the crazy Dancing with the Stars on my tv.  I know I loose a lot of cred with watching it but I am cleaning too and its great cleaning music.  I mean they did that horrible version with the use of a Rock the Casbah last April, which made me really really sad...and David Lynch too apparently.  But um seriously, that cover of No Doubt / Hey Baby is seriously the funniest thing I have ever heard.  Seriously EVER.  I want to rewind it just to play it again because it is making me laugh.  I hope it shows up on the You Tubes so I can link to it and watch it because it is horrific. 

Seriously I am cleaning.  Getting rid of stuff.  Hey J if you need that music and other stuff I promised you first dibs on... better let me know before I loose my patience and sell it online. 

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