Sunday, February 03, 2008

There is a football game today?

Seriously, I am not a football watcher, I haven't watched a football game since my Dad and I put together an entertainment center for my apartment like 8 years ago. I had no clue until yesterday I have to admit who was even playing. Sure there is a big thing about the commercials but really I can go to YouTube and catch them later right? Or you can actually go to MySpace apparently.

In fact... here is a commercial that I like. I think its sweet (like in a kind way and no pun intended). I like that "The The" is hopefully getting a little residuals for one of my favorite songs from the 80s.

I have been digging into my bookmarks and watching dvr'd CSI episodes this morning. I have deleted a bunch of bookmarks that are dead and added many to my reader.

I would like to go out to Aurora Newsland today before I go to PoPos for her party...she is a serious footballer. She knows stats and it freaks me out. So before I go over, probably before half time, I am going to go over and see if the new issue of ZingMagazine is in. I really love the idea of a curated magazine. And the Dikeou family really does deserve kudos for keeping the idea up. The have a private collection that they open to the public that I haven't been able to go and see unfortunately. I am just never downtown when the exhibit is open and when I even worked downtown I could never get away on those days it was open. It was and is still very frustrating to me. Just to be around the Torimitsu's would make me pee my pants. The hours have changed from Tuesdays and Fridays to Wednesday's through Friday's now, so perhaps I can get motivated to take my days off and go. And of course I have subscribed to their ZingRecs for Denver.

Just as aside and a little insight into how I operate...I have to be really careful when I go to newsstands. Because see, I have this propensity to buy lots of magazines when I am at newsstands. Its a dangerous proposition for me. I will buy UK Music magazines. I will buy imported fashion and photography magazines. I will walk out with 100 dollars of magazines. I have to be really really careful. I have a final car payment to make at the end of the week so I can't go crazy. When I would go to rent movies with an ex at Tower I would end up walking out with two dvds and like 10 magazines. They had the best magazine newsstand ever. And it was close. Which was very dangerous. Financially I am happy that it is shuttered but sad because I can't go over there on a Friday night at 10:00 pm and fulfill that fix. Shrug would patiently stand there while I went batshit crazy...he was patient I do have to give him that. I remember one time when I was living in Burbank M and I would go to the newsstand before dinner reservations and he would literally have to pull me out of there. It sometimes would get ugly. It's going to be hard controlling myself. I literally could spend hours looking through magazines.

But I just realized if I wait until the middle of the week, I can pick up Craft and not have to go back twice and be tempted twice. Phew... crisis averted.

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